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Nov 8 2010   3:00PM GMT

Win an Xbox 360 by earning knowledge points!

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

The holidays are approaching and so does your next chance to win an Xbox 360 by simply doing what you do around IT Knowledge Exchange. Between today and December 15th, the three members who accumulate the most knowledge points will win some great prizes.

The Loot

1st Prize: Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive & Kinect

2nd Prize: Xbox 360 with 4GB hard drive & Kinect

3rd Prize: Xbox 360 with 4GB hard drive

How can I get it?

There’s always a chance to rack up some knowledge points, so make sure you take advantage.

  • IT Answers*: Ask a question for 5 points or answer a question for 10. Approved answers receive an additional 5 points.
  • Open IT Forum: Check out our weekly discussion topic to share your knowledge and experience, and we’ll share some knowledge points!
  • IT Surveys: Fill out our short survey on IT conferences, and you’ll get 50 extra points if we use your suggestion.
  • Spread the word: If you have a tech blog or website, link to the IT Knowledge Exchange homepage and put the link to your site in the discussion area here for a quick and easy 100 knowledge points.

Your best resources for the latest ways to earn knowledge points are the What’s New? box and the IT Knowledge Exchange newsletter, out on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Keep an eye out for featured questions or one-time chances to get more knowledge points and a leg up on the competition!

*Qualifying answers and questions are at the discretion of ITKE community managers. Check out some tips on asking quality questions.

See IT Knowledge Exchange’s general contest rules for more details.

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  • MelanieYarbrough
    You’ve got 15 days to pull ahead of this month’s top knowledge point earners: 1. Rechil 2. Carlosdl 3. TomLiotta 4. Technochic 5. Jinteik 6. Shillu13 7. FrankTheTank 8. Phill1jb 9. Mrdenny 10. CharlieBrowne Like I said, you have about two weeks to pull ahead and leave these guys and gals in the dust! So check out the official rules and all the ways you can earn knowledge points at the Community Blog. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping out your fellow IT Knowledge Exchangers. - Melanie
    6,345 pointsBadges:
  • EmNichs
    We're just about at the one week mark and here are our top 10 (in no specific order... - FrankTheTank - Philpl1jb - Shillu13 - Technochic - Carlosdl - Mrdenny - CharlieBrowne - Jinteik - TomLiotta - Rechil So keep up the good work and earn points now by [A href=""]answering questions[/A]! Good luck! Em
    3,250 pointsBadges:
  • CharlieBrowne
    I like the idea of contests, but some people have much more time to devote to answeing questions or just adding an extra comment. As a result the your top 3 to 5 people usually do not change from month to month. What if you draw names from the top 10 to 15 people over the required period of time? Just a thought. I know it is good to reward those that provide most of the answers.
    62,385 pointsBadges:
  • EmNichs
    Hi CharlieBrowne, Thanks for the feedback! We don't always give rewards to the top 3 users. Often times we'll do drawings from the list of top 10 or 20 users. Our hope in doing these contests is that the more participation we get, the more members who get the answers they need. So we're doing what we can to incentivize members to participate as much as possible. Thanks again for your feedback and best of luck to you in the contest! Em
    3,250 pointsBadges:
  • Denny Cherry
    CharlieBrowne, Have no fear, I won't be winning this one. There's a "Denny rule" now, you can only win one XBox (I was the first to get two, so I get the rule named after me). :) So even if you see some of our names up there, some might not be eligible. Denny
    69,005 pointsBadges:
  • carlosdl
    Denny, as I understand, the "Denny rule" was specific to some contest. According to the current rules, you wouldn't be eligible if you were the first place winner of one of the last two contests. So, if I'm correct, you still can win :-) [ and so do I :-) :-) ]
    84,805 pointsBadges:
  • EmNichs
    Hi everyone, Thanks for all your hard work and participation to earn knowledge points. The contest has officially ended, but keep up the effort and you will be rewarded with badges and other rewards. We will be announcing the winner next week. Em
    3,250 pointsBadges:
  • EmNichs
    Thanks again to everyone for their hard work and participation! The winners of the competition are as follows: 1st Place: Carlosdl 2nd Place: TomLiotta 3rd Place: Technochic Honorable Mention: CharlieBrowne wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card Congratulations to the winners! And to everyone else, keep up the hard work and keep earning points for the next contest. Emily
    3,250 pointsBadges:
  • Subhendu Sen
    Heartily thanks to Carlosdl, TomLiotta, Technochic and CharlieBrowne. And of course so many thanks to Emily for good announcement. Rechil--
    140,480 pointsBadges:

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