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Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery by Sharon Fisher

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A blog for users, storage solution providers -- including value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, managed service providers (MSPs) and consultants -- about data storage hardware and software products and services, backup/archiving products and services, disaster recovery, storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS).


Federal Government Trying to Mandate Encryption Back Doors Again

July 26, 2019 - Here we go again. Federal governments are talking about encryption back doors. Oh, excuse me. The latest term of art is “exceptional access,” which actually makes it sound sort of cool. But it’s a back door just the same. As you may recall, governments have been concerned about encryption for as long as it’s been...... READ MORE


  • 1903 Hyper-V Networking Interference?

    editorial Blog

    Yesterday, in the wake of the August 13 KB4512508 update, I noticed some of my local PCs were devoid of Internet access. Upon further investigation, I discovered a few things. First, only wirelessly connected PCs fell prey. Second, only PCs that had Hyper-V enabled were off the Internet. Third, by u…READ MORE

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  • Works with SwiftStack Simplifies Cloud Storage Deployments @SwiftStack

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    SwiftStack’s new technology partner program along with ‘Works with SwiftStack is all about validating integration with modern applications that use S3 API from Amazon. This seamless integration is for flexibility, scalability, and simplicity of cloud storage that includes public cloud platforms like…READ MORE

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  • How C3M is easing multi-cloud management

    editorial Blog

    Managing and securing access to multiple public cloud services can be a challenge for enterprises that are embarking on a multi-cloud strategy.

    Besides making sure that only authorised members of the IT team are granted access to cloud services, there’s also a need to implement controls to prev…READ MORE

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  • Out-GridView is back

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    Out-GridView is finally back in PowerShell core – https://devblogs.microsoft.com/powershell/out-gridview-returns/.

    The project is hosted on github – https://github.com/powershell/GraphicalTools

    Install the module from the gallery –

    PS> Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.GraphicalT…READ MORE

    Richard Siddaway9,505 pointsBadges:
  • 3-2-1 Backup Strategy


    The 3-2-1 backup is a reliable recovery methodology for ensuring that data is protected adequately and backup copies of the data are available when needed. Continued…

    Quote of the Day
    “Off-site backup has always been a key piece of the 3-2-1 Rule of Backup: three copies of data, on two differe…READ MORE

    Kaitlin Herbert2,845 pointsBadges:
  • IBM floats another cloud strategy

    editorial Blog

    Gartner’s latest magic quadrant report on cloud infrastructure puts IBM in the bottom left quadrant, as a niche player, alongside Oracle and Alibaba. IBM is hoping the £34bn it has spent on buying Red Hat will propel its cloud infrastructure strategy.

    IBM’s core enterprise customers do not nec…READ MORE

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  • God is a fridge

    editorial Blog

    A teenage girl has turned to her family’s smart fridge in a desperate quest to reach Twitter followers, after her mum confiscated her electronic devices one by one.
    The 15-year-old, known to her online friends as Dorothy, was initially stopped from tweeting from her Ariana Grande fan account when…READ MORE

    Ryan Priest895 pointsBadges:
  • 3 questions to ask in a microservices oriented architecture review

    editorial Blog

    Microservices oriented architecture is all the rage these days. Why not? It’s hard to ignore the faster deployment rates and reduced costs that are the essential promises of microservices oriented architectures.

    Yet for most companies that take the plunge, development activity is more about the t…READ MORE

    BobReselman50 pointsBadges:
  • The new mobile workforce

    member Blog

    Last month, I missed my train and had to drive into Chicago for work. While on the road, I used Google Maps for directions, SpotHero to pick out parking, and AirBnB to reserve a room. When I arrived in Chicago, I scanned my phone to get into the parking lot, which was about half the price of public …READ MORE

    Matt Heusser4,740 pointsBadges:
  • New-age intelligence systems for oil and gas operations

    editorial Blog

    The oil and gas industry has been going through a tumultuous time of late. With volatile crude oil prices and geopolitical trends putting pressure on supply, it is becoming imperative for oil and gas companies to manage costs through operational effectiveness and minimize any production hurdles due …READ MORE

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  • Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting is a member of the Inc 5000 list for 2019

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    I’m thrilled to announce that Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting has placed on the Inc 5000 list for 2019.  The Inc 5000 list is the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, and DCAC was named #2056 on this list which is a fantastic feat for our company.

    Denny Cherry68,960 pointsBadges:
  • Codefresh freshens produce at the Kubernetes code marketplace

    editorial Blog

    Codefresh is the first Kubernetes-native CI/CD technology, with CI denoting Continuous Integration and CD denoting Continuous Delivery, obviously.

    The organisation has this month worked to improve its open source marketplace with features that focus on faster code deployment.

    First deployed …READ MORE

    Adrian Bridgwater17,920 pointsBadges:
  • What to expect from Pluralsight LIVE 2019

    editorial Blog

    The Computer Weekly Developer Network (CWDN) team is fond of craft beer, Mormon temples, clean air and an opportunity to dig into cloud-based enterprise technology learning platforms.

    That’s lucky then, because CWDN is off to Pluralsight Live 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Part of the burgeon…READ MORE

    Adrian Bridgwater17,920 pointsBadges:
  • The NetApp subscription model explained: A partner primer

    editorial Blog

    A number of traditionally hardware-focused IT vendors now pursue software, services and consumption-based pricing. Cisco provides an example in the networking field, making its first move to sell a switch as a subscription in 2017. Server-maker HPE in June announced plans to deliver its entire hardw…READ MORE

    John Moore4,070 pointsBadges:
  • When does the state of quantum computing become relevant for CIOs?

    editorial Blog

    Is there a reason normal CIOs should be thinking about the state of quantum computing? It depends on how one defines normal, was Brian Hopkins’ answer. Hopkins is a Forrester Research analyst who focuses on emerging tech.

    “It’s very much dependent on the industry you’re in. We think the first bre…READ MORE

    Linda Tucci8,255 pointsBadges:
  • Google focuses more on steering the Android ship than righting it

    editorial Blog

    Google has been a frequent target of criticism over security and privacy issues and how Android security updates filter out to users, butthe scale of its products has led Google to focus more on steering the ship rather than righting it.

    Consider Android: an ecosystem of 2.5 billion active device…READ MORE

    Michael Heller5,870 pointsBadges:
  • Quantifying success for team collaboration applications

    editorial Blog

    Organizations that deploy team collaboration applications are looking to achieve the greatest ROI possible. The struggle is in determining what metrics to quantify the success and ROI of these applications.

    Most often factors, such as time and money, are used to measure success. In most cases, mo…READ MORE

    mlevine335 pointsBadges:
  • A new look at the Cybersecurity Skills Market

    editorial Blog

    DCMS to survey the cybersecurity labour market
    DCMS has announced  “a second survey of UK businesses, public sector organisations and charities to help understand the UK cyber security labour market. The research will examine how organisations approach employing and training cyber security profe…READ MORE

    Philip Virgo4,175 pointsBadges:
  • Multi-cloud: Reaping the benefits

    editorial Blog

    In this guest post, Will Grannis, founder and director of the Google Office of the CTO, sets out how adopting a multi-cloud strategy can help enterprises navigate IT challenges around value, risk and cost.

    Innovation in the public cloud continues at a staggeringly fast pace. Cloud service provide…READ MORE

    Caroline Donnelly7,145 pointsBadges:
  • Predictive Analytics And The Future Of Business


    Everyone wants their business to succeed, and practices of how to succeed have varied far and wide over the years; ultimately, though, businesses are always looking for what will save time while maintaining efficiency and profits. Luckily, the monitoring of the factors that are shifting and evolving…READ MORE

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