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I have my Zebra S600's connected to dumb terminals using standard printer cables which allows me to connect to the Iseries.   My new Iseries does not support Twinax, so I need a solution.  How can I connect these S600's to a pc on my network so I can print from my Iseries print queue. What would the Iseries device description look like ?

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Hi Giftbox,
I was the one in our company to remove the SNA protocol (Twinax, dumb terminals with and without printers attached and twinax printers).
I installed a mix of solutions depending on the situation.
– 10Zig RBT-466 thin clients to replace dumb terminals in critical places as they are simple and straight forward and you can even get the ever lasting terminal keyboards with them. As they have no ventilator they will not suck any dust and as they run on Linux there is no blue screen syndrome. They are pretty much running 24/7 for about 2 years by now
– Twinax printers have been replaced by a mix of network matrix printers Lexmark 2581 (9 pins as the printhead lasts longer), Infoprint 4247-Z03 (heavy duty and IPDS) and refurbished IBM 6400 with ethernet adapter (oh man these simply never die).
– And the barcode printers (Zebra and Sato) have been connected in 2 ways. Either through the RBT-466 boxes or PCs by USB or USB-parallel cables running a IBM Proprinter III emulation or by a network adapter (cable or WiFi) as a remote outq with the IBM4201 as printer definition (MFRTYPMDL).
All is running pretty much OK. Only the 6400s need some special attention as it is using different settings on the printer than when connected through twinax.
Just let me know if there is anything more you need to know.
Oh and BTW when changing for network matrix printers …….. make sure you look at the price of the supplies as there is a huge difference in the number of characters you can print per ribbon ranging from 2 million to 16 million with the price not reflecting this difference (ie the small ones are relatively expensive or very expensive).

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  • WoodEngineer
    Check www.blackbox.com - they may have an ethernet-to-twinax converter. Or Zerbra may have a new interface card for your printer. In my experience we configured the Zebra as the most generic character printer the iSeries supports, which may be a 3812. Check out IBM document Reference #​ 21805107. It specically addresses attaching Zebra printers to the iSeries.
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  • Bigmac46
    If you have Client Access on a the PCs just create a printer session using a generic device. *LEX2380 should work and we even have some as *none on the CA session. When we create the printer on the PC we usually use the most generic txt driver the PC will find. We have 2 Zebras and oneLexmark 2590 all working on the same PC using the printer port an 2 USB ports. Zebra does have an interface card but for us there is always a PC at the same location as the printer so we use CLient Access sessions. We have about 50 set up this way and have had very few problems with them.The problems are usually printer specific and user related and not with the communication. If you don't have CA sessions I would say the Zebra interface is the way to go.
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