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social media
do you think in these day youth are spending more time in social media instead of going outside to get physical activity or some fresh ? Do you thinks they are so addicted to them. Is for my project.

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Social media is quite pervasive, but that doesn’t mean its all wasted time. It is up to the parents of younger children to instill a healthy lifestyle, which means exercise and outdoor activity. And social engagement can and should be a part of that – but not the focus.

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  • edwinjhoffer
    Yup now days youth is spending their time on social media networks. I agree with you
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  • jinteik
    and from social media they play a lot of online games too. and yes its not healthy and yes they need more outdoor activities 
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  • CharlieBrowne
    I also agree with the group.
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  • Michael Tidmarsh
    Growing up in the social media world, I've seen an increase in SM activity for children. As Chris mentioned, it's up to the parents to combine the benefits of social media and physical activity. A dosage of both would be highly beneficial to children everywhere.
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  • Ben Rubenstein
    Sure, I think there's been an increase in social media activity among youth, but I'm not sure it's to the detriment of other types of activity (or at least, not any more so than other types of emerging technology in different eras, whether that's TV or video games). Some social media may even encourage more socialization through gamifying actions in the real world. 
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  • AndreaF
    I think that many of today's youth - along with a good percentage of adults, are far too focussed on Social Media. They get so preoccuppied with taking "Selfies", they miss out on their surroundings. Not a terribly new development...i think a lot of attention has shifted from television/movies to Social Media - and both can get in the way of healthy, outdoor activities.
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  • Ben Rubenstein
    Andrea, I'd add that adults can be accused of a lot of the same type of behavior - not necessarily taking selfies, but missing out on the world around them because they're too focused with documenting it for social media. I'd be ok with a no cell-phone rule at concerts for example. And definitely try to minimize social media use when on vacation. 
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  • bchomba
    I agree with these replies. Youths are missing out in the real happenings in their environment because they are glued to their smartphones and computers while on social media. Youths are becoming more and more anti-social with the people around them in their houses.

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  • ncberns
    Of course. I don't have specific stix (though I'm sure they can be found), but it seems endlessly evident.

    There are many well documented problems associated with the lack of exercise and sunlight. That should be relatively easy to research. And while I'm no psychologist, this sure seems like an addiction and, I believe studies have shown corresponding brain patterns proving exactly that.

    Then again, society once railed against the dangers of Rock & Roll; now it's called classical music. Video games turned out to be the ideal training ground for flight simulators and drone control. And watching too much TV didn't ruin our eyes at all, but ushered in a new era of entertainment.

    I suspect this current social media fascination, too, will wane. And the addiction will slowly wear off. There's no telling what will be left, but there's a good chance it will be more interesting than whatever was left behind.
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