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IBM iSeries
My yellow warning light will not go out after i have inserted my new dry cleaning head cartridge. The cleaning cartridge only seems to engage for a second or two then comes back out. the first thing i did was switched out the tape drive, i thought the problem was solved, but after 2 days, the light is back on, the cleaner does not run all the way through. i have purchase another cleaning cartridge in case i received a defective one, but that is a long long shot i suppose. Does anyone have a suggestion of what i should do next. thank you, steve.

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Hi Steve,

If your new cartridge doesn’t get the job done, then there may be a fault on the drive itself. Do you see any messages for the tape drive in the QSYSOPR message queue or in the logs (DSPLOG)?


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Msjs099
    Thanks for replying Martin. In the QSYSOPR, I see a few messages that say Tap01 needs to be cleaned. Since I bought a tape drive off ebay, and switched them out, and now have the same problem with the brand new used tape drive, I am supposing it isn't the tape drive itself. My software company told me to get a couple new backup tapes, he said one of my tapes could be messing us up. So I ordered 3 new tapes, and a new cleaner. I figured to start there, and if I can not get that warning light out, I might need to call someone in. Do you have any other suggetions, I would rather not call someone in. Also my software man said that an IPL ran successfully Sunday night, and also that if this isn't the tape drive, the tape or the cleaner, the next thing he would look at is the interface that the tape drive is connected to. does this jive with your thinking. Thanks, Steve.
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  • ATitus
    I had a problem when we went from one LT01 drive to a LT02 drive, even though the cleaning tape said it was for either drive, I had used it several times on the LT01 and it would give me an error saying the drive needs to be cleaned when using it on the LT02 drive. I purchased a new cleaning tape and the issue went away. Ann
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  • WoodEngineer
    We had a similar situation where the tape drive kept asking for cleaning. I called IBM where they found a PTF that fixed the problem. Perhaps that will work for you as well. The PTF required an IPL. It was pretty small. This is on a 520 running V5R3. Sorry . . . I don't remember the PTF number. Good luck.
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  • AmandaC
    We also had a simular problem, installed the latest Cuml package and still had the problem ended up getting a new tape drive.
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  • AnchorS
    Steve: If I understand your problem, the yellow service light is lit on the i5/As400, not the tape drive. To turn that off, you need to go into service tools (strsst), option 1 (start a service tool), 7 (Hardware service manager), 6 (work with service action log). You can clear any/all errors but beware that their may be errors other than just your tape drive. It may be better to simply acknowledge the erros and leave them there if a service tech ever needs to get them (since I don't know if you maintain your own box). NOTE: you will need a userid and password for the STRSST command. The default userid is QSECOFR, but the password is not the i5 QSECOFR password. Yon can reset the pasword with the CHGDSTPWD command. Steve M.
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  • TomLiotta
    So far, the question has mentioned "as400" and discussion mentions "a tape drive off ebay". We don't know if this is actually an AS/400 (perhaps AS/400e), an iSeries, a System i, i5 or i. Different causes and remedies for a "yellow warning light" have come and gone over the years. A drive from "ebay" implies a system that is well past warranty and probably off of hardware maintenance completely. (Even my old AS/400e at home still has hardware maintenance.) Can we get some details of model number at least? Tom
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