Reducing percentage of temporary addresses in WRKSYSSTS

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Hi ,

Is there is way to reduce  % temp addresses in WRKSYSSTS . Is there will be any system issue if this grows  ?  How we can control it ? Has any one encountred more than 50% of it currently my system is having this status for it .

% CPU used . . . . . . . :       25.2 % DB capability  . . . . :       13.6 Elapsed time . . . . . . :   00:00:36 Jobs in system . . . . . :       1506 % perm addresses . . . . :       .096 [strong]% temp addresses . . . . :      8.637 [/strong]


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An IPL will reset your temporary addresses.

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    An IPL is the only way to do it,
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  • TomLiotta
    Is your display showing that you have only used 8.637% of the available temp addresses? How long has your system been running without an IPL? By checking the length of time your system has been running, you can get an idea of how how long it will be before you need to IPL. For example, if your system used those addresses in one month, then you might expect to need to IPL sometime before the next ten months go by -- 100/8.637=11.58 -- the percentage used goes into 100% a little over 11 times. If you already ran for one month, then you can expect a little more than 10 more months. I'd say that 8% isn't uncommon. I wouldn't be concerned until it went over 90%. If you are seeing anything like 1% increase per day or even per week, you might consider a review of the applications that you run. One type of activity might be programs that receive very large numbers of journal entries. Sometimes it's possible to reduce how many entries are handled. Tom
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  • pdraebel
    An IPL does not automatically reset the Temp Address storage. Only if the value reaches a certain treshold will an IPL reset the values. One should be carefull if the number of temp addresses is increasing with a high rate and you do not have the oportunity to perform an IPL before running out of addresses. I believe the treshold is about 90%. Once that value reached an IPL will reset the value.
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  • TomLiotta
    I believe the treshold is about 90%. That's also what I thought might be right. Your clarification that IPLs don't simply reset the value every time is a good point. I have a system that IPLs weekly and hasn't had a reset in the past five years. (I log output from the Retrieve System Status (QWCRSSTS) API weekly to track trends.) Generally, it just isn't something to be concerned about unless the number is rising significantly and it's going past the threshold. In such a case, something is likely to attention. Tom
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  • slack400
    I concur with Pdraebel. IPL's won't make a difference until you get fairly high, I seem to recall 'back in the day' that this temp address value if it hits 100% you had to reload the system from scratch. But I never kept a system around long enough to test that out.
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  • Featured Member: Pdraebel - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Reducing percentage of temporary addresses in WRKSYSSTS [...]
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  • thirimanne
    Hi, I have a iSeries Lpar running TEMP Addresses 89.25% at the moment.
    This is my Dev: Lpar and planning to IPL when the TEMP addresses reaches 90% threshold. Will this reset the value to 0%???.
    Or do I have to contact IBM support for help???.. 
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  • TheRealRaven
    @thirimanne: There shouldn't be any reason to contact IBM unless you do an IPL and a problem shows up. But that's no different from any other IPL.
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  • Gambitt7
    At V5R3 and later, an IPL resets the temporary addresses if the percentage used is above 85 percent. The system must be IPLed before reaching 100% or it will crash and require an IPL to reset the percentage. Note: For systems at releases V5R2 and earlier, when the percentage of temporary addresses reaches 100 percent, a scratch installation is required. 

    In IBM i release V7R1, there is an advanced analysis macro (SMSETTEMPSIDWRAP) available in SST that can be used to specify when to reset the temporary address space. It can be set between 30% and 95%. 
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