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What do I need to do to reduce the number of jobs that show in the top half of the screen for the WRKSYSSTS display?

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Check the following website should help you

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  • Taz400
    This number represent the total number of user and system jobs that are currently in the system. The total includes: o All jobs on job queues waiting to be processed. o All jobs currently active (being processed). o All jobs that have completed running but still have output on output queues to be produced. On a first move, remove old unused and irrelevant job logs from your system would be a good idea. ________________ TAZ
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  • Atgidm
    If you are talking about the "Jobs in system" number - spool files are counted in this number so you can delete old and unwanted spool files to lower this number.
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  • Tehuff
    I appreciate your reponses. However, I did not find the answer that I needed. The Jobs in System is at 280,000 +, and the number of spool files is only 74,000 +. I don't understand why this value doesn't ever seem to go down. It has gone up an average of 8,000 a day. What do I need to get it back down to something more reasonable. Thanks Tom
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  • WaltZ400
    From the WRKSYSSTS screen, if you press F21 it will display a popup to allow you to change the assistance level on the command. Choose basic and you will see what is causing the toal job count. The simple text on this level gives you a better understanding of what the system considers a job to be counted. One item on here is dealing with system requests and group jobs. Do you have users who do system requests on their workststion so they can start a new interactive job? Do you utilize the group job function? Ever suspended group job is totalled up in here. Every job sitting in a job queue whether assigned to a batch subsystem of not is added to the total. Hope this helps.
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