Writing to a flat file/stream file in a CL program

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Can we write to a flat file/stream file or both, a variable value using CL program?

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IBM i,V6R1

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Sure, but why would you want to?

I/O for stream files/flat files in the IFS is done using APIs, which are much easier to deal with in a language like RPG or COBOL. Use the right tool for the job.


As of V5R4, ILE CL handles streamfile I/O almost the same as ILE RPG, C or COBOL. It’s probably much easier to write in CL, but the APIs will be the same ones. Use the open(), write() and close() APIs. These are listed and described in the Integrated File System APIs┬átopic.

Although these can be easier in ILE CL than other languages, it should probably be done for proofs-of-concept or prototyping or learning, rather than for significant production programming. ILE CL can only include a single procedure in each source module. For some purposes, that is okay for CL.


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  • Brijesh
    Create a RPG program that accepts the CL variable as a parameter and writes a record to the flat file.
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  • bvining

    As for the flat file question, with 6.1 that's pretty easy from CL also (assuming that by flat file you mean a non-externally described file).


    I created the file FLATFILE with the following command:

     CrtPF QTemp/FlatFile RcdLen(50)

    and then inserted the contents of a CL variable into the file with the following CL program:

    Dcl        Var(&CLVar)   Type(*Char) Len(50) +         
                 Value('This is my variable value')        
    Dcl        Var(&SQLStmt) Type(*Char) Len(4096)         
    ChgVar     Var(&SQLStmt) Value( +                      
                 'Insert into QTemp/FlatFile (FlatFile) +  
                  Values(''' *TCat &CLVar *TCat ''')')     
    RunSQL     SQL(&SQLStmt) Commit(*None)                 

    With the 6.1 support for the RunSQL command inserting data into a file from CL is not difficult.


    Bruce Vining

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