Wow! I can’t believe you did that! — iSeries blunders

To err is human -- even if you're working on the iSeries. What is the worst blunder you've, or one of your co-workers, has done on the iSeries? Share your biggest goof-up! Here's what one Search400 member wrote: "Early in my career, I was working as a systems administrator/programmer for a company that had a small B model AS/400. Those units came with a 1/4 inch tape drive in the front. Well, my problem begins, strangely enough, with fashion (or lack thereof). As a low-paid administrator, most of my pants were polyester Wal-Mart specials. The problem is that my legs are hairy. So every time that I walked, I generated static electricity...even on the linoleum floor of our IT department. One day, while taking the tape out of the drive, a static spark jumped the 1/2 inch from the metal frame of the AS/400 to my finger. Not only did it numb my arm for the next 15 minutes, but is fried the UPS in the AS/400, crashing it immediately. It took 24 hours for IBM to get a part in and installed. Needless to say, though my boss understood, he got an anti-static mat for in front of the AS/400 and required me to stand on it when I changed tapes." Can you top that? -- Debra Tart, associate editor,

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JohnDavid shares his blunder:

“Mine was my first upgrade to V5.3. The instructions changed in that you have to accept the software agreements first and extend the lic space. So when I loaded the V5.3 LIC I was reminded to extend the LIC space. So far so good. I re-ipled V5.2, extended the LIC space and started V5.3 again. This time the LIC was loaded and I was then reminded that I did not accept the software agreements and as far as I can determine I was left with V5.3 LIC and V5.2 Operating System. So I had to start from a full system restore. Lucky it was a test system. The moral of the story – RTFM.”

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  • Robbiehall
    My old boss told me of a guy who managed to hit the emergency power switch, twice, on two seperate ocasions, powering down the whole machine room. So they covered up the switch with a plastic guard, and my boss was proudly demonstrating how 'impossible' it was to accidentally hit the switch now, when you guessed it, his hand slipped off the guard and powered down the room AGAIN.
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