workgroup is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the admin of this server to find it.?

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Hello. when I want to see the entire network and brows the list of computers(Entire Network->Microsoft windows network->Domain) in the domain it says "you don't have permission to use this network resource"!!?? wat is the problem. please help me? Cients OS:win xp

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It is possibility that your computer is not a member of this particular network segment.
You should make sure about thins.

Second thing try to run network setup wizard.

To run the Network Setup Wizard on the ICS host, click Start -> Control Panel -> Network And Internet Connections -> Setup Or Change Your Home Or Small Office Network.

If you want to more help please go through with this link:


The first question is, “is your computer a member of the domain or workgroup?” If not, then you will be unable to see information about that domain or workgroup without additional effort. If you are joined, then contact your support team for assistance.

Note, browsing other domains or workgroups is not as simple as browsing the domain or workgroup to which your system is joined (Network Places will not list domains for which there is no truste. Accessing resources though is straightforward.

This now goes into cross domain authentication. Your domain administrators can either allow trusts from various domains which allow you access or you will need to manually authenticate to the domain or workgroup to see the information. In either case, you need an ID and password that has access to the domain or workgroup you wish to view.

Case 1: Contact the domain administrators and see if they will allow a trust between domains granting you access to the information (domain or workgroup).

Case 2: Contact the administrator of the other domain or workgroup for an ID with access and check on their policy for cross domain access. In this case you must authenticate to the domain or workgroup to gain access. In a domain scenario this is simply authenticating to the domain. Workgroups don’t allow for a simple method of obtaining this information when not a member. (It requires an in depth knowledge of NetBIOS and/or WINS).

To access resources in a secondary domain issue use NET USE to authenticate to the domain then you can access resources. The authentication is reset every time you logout, shutdown or reboot.
“NET USE \\DomainName /U:UserID@DomainName *”
“NET USE \\DomainShortName /U: DomainShortName\UserID *”

To map a specific share
“NET USE * \\DomainName\share /U:UserID@DomainName *” (any free drive letter)
“NET USE J: \\DomainName\share /U:UserID@DomainName *” (to a specific letter)

The asterisk after the ID prompts for password.

For workgroups, you must have an ID on the resource that you wish to access or that share must be open for anyone to access.

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  • Robert Stewart
    Go to my computer, view system information, click on the tab that says Computer name, it will tell you wether this computer is a member of the domain. If it is does not have a domain listed you are in a workgroup. Also depending on your network and the admin you may have no right to join the domain therefore you cannot connect or browse it.
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  • sastechvision
    i always facing these types of problem that “ \PC-Name is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission” is a common problem in computer network sharing. We follow this method to resolve this problem. Because i am in Computer Repair Service profession. I always fix this problem with the help of these type of action like.

    ("PC not accessible you might not have permission to use this network resource.")

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  • Subhendu Sen
    It depends how you access this system. Also it depends on admin rights/ permissions. It is better to access a system with its IP but not its computer name.
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