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Hi I work for a very small IT Company, in fact there is just myself and my boss! We are new to wireless Networking and have tried setting up a small network between two small LANs. One LAN cosnsists of around 30-40 users running off Windows Small Business Server 2003. The other LAN has around 10 users currently not on a domain. The two locations are situated approx 200-300ft apart, separated by a street. There is one particular building on this street which slightly obscures the view from location to location. Nevertheless, we set up 2 wireless access points from 'Buffalo' and installed antennas on the roof of each location. However, we can only acquire intermittent signals between antennas for around 30 seconds, sometimes not at all. It is never consistent. We are using different channels on the access points and have tried variations of channels i.e. 1 & 4, 1 & 6, 2 & 7, 5 & 7 and so forth. We have tried moving the antenna at one location so that we have line of sight between the antennas, but with no luck. We believe all settings are as they should be on the access points. Buffalo even set some of these up for us when sending us replacement kits. We are wondering if the equipment is not up to scratch. We don't really want to install an independent server at the smaller LAN. Also, Small Business Server does not allow communication between LANs with servers in each. We are ruling out a VPN also as these seem inadequate for transferring large files. Any ideas upon our best approach? Many Thanks

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i personally do not know about the buffalo product line, but i would tell you to try something more powerfull, like cisco, i have 2 wireless access points that are a mile apart that connect two car dealerships (has attenas on top of each building) and i am using cisco access point at each end, no probs whatsoever, other than that i also do no know about the setup of the access points that you are using, so i do know if they have some timeout issue, or what the exact problem, would kind of have to be there and see the setup of the access point

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  • Larrythethird
    If there are many other businesses running wireless in the area, you may not be able to get a clean signal. I would suggest using something like NetStumbler to see what is in the air in your area.
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  • Zuasman
    try to ensure a clear line of site with very little or no obstruction in between . you can using the access points in bridge mode for the connection
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  • Jverbarg
    You may need more powerful or directional antennas. If you are using an external antenna you may need an antenna cable that is not as lossy. This web site has a good selection of products that I would use for basic connectivity. http://www.wirelessnetworkproducts.com/ I would recommend the following antennas, especially if you cannot achieve Line-Of-Sight. I have used these through trees, with 50' of LMR-400 cable on both ends, no amplifier for distances up to 500' and achieved around 50%+ signal average. Good luck
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