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I have a client with a Speedstream 6520 modem 802.11b/g an Acer laptop WinXP all updates with an Aopen AOI 701 wireless PC Card 802.11b. Client was complaining she could not connect to the internet, there is another PC connecting wireless to the same Speedstream. The ISP can?t help as they say the service is fine to the modem. I thought a reload was in order as there were signs of spyware so I brought the laptop to my place and it immediately connected to my Dlink DI524 802.11b/g with no config changes. I did a format and reload anyway and all the Microsoft updates using the Aopen wireless PC Card and brought it back and you guessed it, the darn thing will not connect to the Speedstream 6520. It sees the network and we tried a reset on the modem and connecting with no security/encryption. The network seems to fade in signal strength even though the modem is only a few feet from the wireless card. We are going to get another card but it really bothers me that this does not work cause it worked perfectly with the Dlink. I know I should just let it go but any ideas??? Thanks

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It sounds like you know what you’re doing so please don’t be offended: but have you verified that the wireless card is using the same wireless standard as the AOI 701 (eg ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘G’)??

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  • BobYoung
    Hi, 1) You said you were running with no security, but just to be a little more specific, is MAC filtering enabled on the Speedstream? That could explain why the other user is able to connect. 2) Apparent signal fluctuations can be caused by interference. You might want to try a different channel. It could be that the user who is connecting successfully has a wireless card from a different manufacturer, and is less susceptible to the interference.
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  • Mazchile83
    No offence taken, sometimes the forest...You know...The card is only b but the Speedstream is capable of b/g?I did not check for MAC filtering. Thanks.
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  • FlyNavy
    Most newer wireless routers have a setting to allow 802.11 g only or to run in mixed mode. You said this card was 802.11 b. Could the other card be 802.11 g and the wireless be set to only accept 802.11 g? I checked the web and the fading signal strenght seems to be an issue with just some network cards and the Speedstream implementation in the 6520. They may have a firmware update to fix this by now.
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