Wireless Network Bottleneck????

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Hello, I have a question about my wireless network. I have a wireless network that has about 60 people on it. We are using the 802.11b standard on all of our access points. We use Tranzeo Wireless CP-90's and so on... All of our clients have access points, which are pointed at one of 4 access points that in turn all come back to a single access point at the home base. There @ the home base, that access point comes into my business and connects to a switch which then connects to an AIRLOCK Server with T-1 Internet access. Wow, that was a mouthful. I am now running into internet speed problems with my clients... We can usually only achieve 250kbs, where there is supposed to be 512kbs upload and download speeds!!! My question is this: Since the 4 main access points all go back into a single access point (all running the 11mb/sec speed), would there be a bottleneck @ that point??? I have diagrams drawn up that I can email you to clear up confusion.

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It sounds like your bottleneck is your T1. The T1 will max out at 1.5 Mb of bandwidth to the internet.

The main access point will be able to provide 11 Mb of total bandwidth spread across all connected clients.

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  • Jstrahler
    Do you think it would be benifitial to add 3 more acess points to service the other 3 main access points? Mainly, do you think we should invest in another T-1 line, several, or how many do you think we would need. And is there a cheap way to hook those T-1's together to give us a bridged Internet connection on our network?? Our main concern is our speed... It never used to be this slow, until we added the last 30 or so customers online... At first I thought it might be the broadcast traffic from all of the main towers and the other clients, so we subnetted our network onto the network. The speed was a little better, but still far from our goal of 512kbs up and down. Is this a realistic goal. Thanks for the help!!!!!!! Me and my buddy need help!!! We are doing this wireless internet gig for fun and a service to our community!!! We aren't the experts on this, it is basically a learn by doing business. Thanks, Josh
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  • Papp
    If you have more money than time or pateince... First, how are you determining the 250kbs? All zeros? Before you answer, try downloading wireshark. You will need a switch that can mirror a port in front of the the Airlock. Put a PC/laptop on that mirrored port and filter for the target IP to test. Also the "end-user PC should have wireshark but capture "all". Run your packet generating application and watch for resends, window length, drops, etcetra. On the Airlock side, watch for how much useful traffic is comming through. Compare the captures by watching the sequence numbers. Voila! more answers than you could ask.
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