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  1. Our open office space is specifically 75M long & 21M wide with 2 Access Points.  Kindly note we have raised floors made of formica(height from raised floor to ceiling=8.3M) and Partitioned offices with boards made of fiber. Is it proper to install 2 APs(Linksys) with a distance of 7M apart?
  2. Apart from the CWNA series, which other certifications can I do to become acredited in designing,installing and maintaining wireless networks?
  3. Can you recommend good but affordable wireless devices I could use for deploying a Hotspot meant for clients up to 100?

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The way I would set up the AP is to take your office space, break it in half, and then find the center of each space and that would be the area that you should put the AP and depending on the amount of walls that it has to go through, all of your clients should be able to get the signal. You also mighht want to raise the router higher so that the signal will go out further in your office space.

If you are covering over 100 personnel, you might want to consider using four AP’s, two in each area, and created a vlan for each area, then you would break the office area into quarters. You would get better coverage that way.

Hope this helps.

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  • Gabe9527
    1: Firstly you need a to Scale diagram of your Office.... 2: Import that into a wireless network Diagram such as RINGMASTER. http://www.juniper.net/as/en/products-services/software/network-management-software/ringmaster/ 3: Work out the attenuation of your Fibre walls and configure this in the software. 4: Work out Zones for your access - this will include amount of users / connections , type of network usage etc.(could be in half) 5: then start placing AP's in the zones - this will give you a graphical demonstation of the coverage. 6: You will be able to adjust power / bands (a and B,G) with interconnecting Channels. If you have to signals with the same channel then they will compete (power can be reduced to stop this). 7: Work out signal bouce and noise levels to make sure that your clients dont have connection probelms etc. 8: Once Planning completed - if the configuration is linked to the software deply if not then just manually add the amount of AP's and config channels / power etc. This will confirm you get the correct coverage and amount of AP's for performance and bandwidth.
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