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I am having really bad wireless problems. The signal drops unexpectedly. There are a lot of wireless routers in my building and it might be interfering. I see that I can change the wireless channel. How can I tell what channels the other routers are on? I am using a PC laptop with 54g Wi-Fi.

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You can easily list the channels currently used by other APs by running a free Wi-Fi discovery tool (aka “stumbler”). Since you’re using a PC, try MetaGeek InSSIDer or Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector or the infamous NetStumber. But keep in mind that those other APs may be automatically changing their channels too, trying to find “cleaner” air.

It’s possible that you’re experiencing so much 2.4 GHz band congestion that you won’t be able to find a clean channel. Try sorting your neighboring AP list by signal strength and picking the channel (1, 6, 11) with fewest strong-signal neighbors. It doesn’t help to pick a channel in between these as that channel will overlap at least partly with 1, 6, or 11.

You may also be able to increase the signal strength of your own AP by making sure its dipole antennas are in parallel (usually vertical) positions and that the path between the AP and your client isn’t blocked by something especially dense like a brick wall or a source of 2.4 GHz RF interference like a microwave oven, Bluetooth peripheral, or 2.4 GHz cordless phone. If you’ve picked the cleanest channel, your laptop is sitting within a few feet of open space from your AP, and you still can’t maintain a strong connection, you’ve probably got a different kind of problem.

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  • Vinodh02
    If you are using your own Wi-Fi device, the signal strength gets weaker when someone tries to intrude or connect to your device!! Keep your device protected with the help of network password. Which you can set up for your Wi-Fi device. When someone tries to connect to the device the device, will ask for the network password.
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