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I have a Windows 2000 Server. On workstation identified by 'A' has Windows XP OS with SP2. The another workstation identified by 'B' has also Windows XP OS with SP2. I have created two(2) user on Server named 'abc' and 'xyz'. I can connect both 'A' and 'B' PC to domain server by login ID 'abc' successfully. Case-1. Now I tried to access PC 'B' or server from Network Neighborhood of PC 'A'. After clicking on PC 'B' or server, the dialog box appear named 'Connect to 'B'' and asking the user name and password. Here I'm giving the same user name and password with which I logged on to domain. i. e. 'A'. Error message displayed stating that "The user name you typed is the same as the user name you logged in with. That user name has already been tried. A domain controller can not be found to verify that user name." Now I give the user name and password of the another user name and password which I have created on Server, then it show the shared folder and working normally. Case-2. Now I'm trying to access the server or PC 'A' from PC 'B' network neighborhood by clicking on PC 'A' or Server. Now here PC does not asking for the user name and password and directly showing the shared folders and files.
  1. Why the PC 'A' asking the different user name and password to access the other PC or server? And PC 'B' does not ask for the same.
  2. What kind of setting do I have to do on Server or PC to solve the problem?

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As per your scenario, your environment looking like Workgroup not a domain environment.
By default 2000 server and XP mechines will be in workgroup model.
Have you installed Active Directory in Windows 2000 server? … not then it will be workgroup model.
If it is a workgroup model,

  1. Ensure that all the 3 machines ( 2000 server, PC ‘A’ and PC ‘B’ ) are communicating with each other by using PING command.
  2. Ensure that all the 3 machines are in same workgroup.
  3. Ensure that u have created both “abc” and “xyz” users in all the 3 machines.

But this setup won’t give much security. If you need more security, I will prefer you to go with Domain Environment. Which will give u the centralised user database and security. So that you can create user accounts in the server itself. no need to create in client machines.

If you have any concerns let us know..

Thanks & Regards,

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  • Kelp
    Hi, Thanks for reply. First to clear that i have already created active directory on my server. Point 1. All three machine pinging to each other. Point 2. As i informed earlier there is no workgroup but a domain and all machine on same domain. Point 3. However there is no need to create the same user on all the machine because there is a domain. Then also i have check that by creating the user on each machine but the result is the same. Further i want to inform you that, if i login locally on the machine not on Domain, then i can access the other machine, except the server, without giving the username and password of any kind. Waiting for reply. -Kelp
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  • Vlvpk
    Hi, Is it possible to give the reports by running the below command? ipconfig/all nslookup in all the 3 mechine.. Thanks & Regards Vlvpk
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  • Vlvpk
    Before running these commands u need to login to domain with administrator r the account which is having administrative rights.
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  • Kelp
    Hi, I run the command on the all PC. After executing the IPCONFIG / ALL command it reports details of IP address and other details as well. But after executing the NSLOOKUP command on Nodes, it displays unknown server name and on server displays server name LOCALHOST. Then i try by adding IP address of Server in Prefered DNS Server address field in TCP/IP property sheet. Now it working fine. Thank you for your help and guideline. -Kelp
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  • R vishaal
    hello mate good so you have 1 domain controller + 2 users. IP address/subnet mask/default gw/dns hope u configured all this fine. you join the 2 xp in the domain, ok. did you allowed the users local administrator on the machines ? (abc" and "xyz)) if not ,try doing this, this can help. nslookup will show localhost cause ur domain in not internet enable. let me knw thx
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