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I have heard that linux can not be effected by virus but windows get effected by viruses. What is the reason.

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Because most systems in the world to windows, and people write viruses for these systems. If the roles are reversed I’m sure he would be virus on Linux

To elaborate on what was said above. It’s [b]NOT[/b] true that Linux is immune to viruses. Yes, Windows holds the bigger market share when it comes to operating systems, but there are viruses out there for them both. It’s like saying Mac isn’t immune to viruses…it’s not true, there’s just not a big enough market for it. Most people who write viruses and such do so in an attempt to get famous (think: StuxNet).

But, yes, if Linux held the bigger market share, I’m sure it’d be Linux always under the gun. However, with Linux on the rise when it comes to web hosting and such, I do think we’ll see a rise in this situation in the coming years.

One of the key reasons LINUX and Mac are less prone to virus infection is that these systems require privileged access to install and run viruses. Malware rarely is able to gain root or privileged access to these devices and so it is more difficult to leverage system vulnerabilities. The idea that the dominance of Windows is a reason for its susceptibility is specious. LINUX install base covers everything from embedded processors to super computers. While Windows is definitely the dominant desktop OS, the increasing prevalence of embedded devices is rapidly making LINUX the most prevalent OS in the world. All without a major increase in susceptibility to malware.


Virus or other malicious software infections always depend on the activities of the computer user. A computer is always vulnerable in many ways, it is always up to you if how you will secure your Operating System as well as your entire computer unit.

The primary reason is that Windows is an Operating System where it has boot files that executes when the system has started. This boot feature of Windows has been taken advantage by viruses to attached themselves running while the system is in its boot process. Linux operating system has not boot files and it could be considered as an application as well.

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  • jinteik
    because windows got more loop holes that is why they keep on coming out with their patches
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Linux computers are not free from security concerns. The main difference between security on a Windows computer and security on a Linux computer is how u keep a high level of security. In Windows, u want to make sure that u have a strong firewall, observant antivirus, thorough antispyware / adware, and careful eye on what to watch for on the system. With a Linux computer, u want to configure a tight firewall, run updates regularly to ensure that critical patches are installed and software is updated, ensure that all unnecessary daemons and programs are disabled and locked away, and that all code added to the system is secure and monitored for abnormal behavior / use. The differences mainly system from the fact that most Windows computers are used as desktop productivity or gaming machines while most Linux computers are used as different types of servers as (web server, email server, DNS, proxy, FTP etc). Linux relies on file permissions as well as other superb features to insure protection of their Operating system. While Windows is more vulnerable to attack. It is widely believed that there are more exploitable holes in Windows than there are for viruses. It is also that potential holes are found and patched in Linux versions faster than in Windows versions. With Windows where anyone can install software, delete user's account etc without being asked to change the file permission. That makes the Windows easy to use but very unsecure. Linux does not recognize .exe file but on Windows without .exe this OS is completely useless. Coz, most virus r made to aim EXE files. If EXE can secure in every possible way, then we can say, Windows is also less virus threat.
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  • Sixball
    Linux CAN be affected by viruses, but since Windows is more than 95% of the market share for systems, programmers focus more on the Windows OS's than they do any of the Linux flavors...
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  • carlosdl
    Take a look a these two previous discussions on the subject: about virus Linux - antivirus?
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  • slack400
    Linux can always be a carrier as well. If you're hosting file services on a linux box you'll want to scan regularly for viruses even though 99.99% of the possible viruses won't impact the Linux server. Your window systems on the network could be at risk.
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  • Rakei
    Something worth knowing for those that have not heard; You can also use Linux for Recovering data and cleaning infections off Laptop and Desktop, especially when WINDOWS is badly affected (corrupt system files e.t.c) and theirs not much more that you can do... This theory is posted on PC World magazine Dec 2010 and Jan 2011.... But I wont doubt that soon Linux will be targetted by infections...much appreciated RUGS for bringin this up..hehe
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  • Sixball
    Great point Rakei. We 've used Knoppix plenty of times for both data recovery and malware removal. Since Linux and Windows OSs vary in their File systems, formatting and resource usage, something that thrashed Windows will often be ineffective on a Linux box...
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  • Hopia
    Yeah. Linux is pretty much a safe system. Having an Antivirus installed in your PC is not of high importance. Windows, on the other hand, exposes us to all kinds of viruses. Even their online updates has bugs sticked onto it.
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