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I have a pentium 4 1.5 Ghz , 640 MB PC, nvidia vanta 16 MB graphics card. Whenwver i play games on my PC though the games fall under the requirements of my PC, they sometimes run slow in between. This happens in every 3 minutes when the game runs slow and again runs normal.Is this my graphics card problem or some other problem?

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You wouldn’t be running a virus checker, would you? If so you may want to turn that off during your game session.

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  • OnlineTechSupport
    Hey, have u tried out, different Graphic Cards. It might b prb with Graphic card. Just replace it. -thanks shiraz
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  • Jstew65
    Almost certainly you have some process running in the background when this occurs. If you want to try and see if this is the case, do the following: 1. Your best bet is to make sure nothing besides your game is running. Next, run your game. 2. If possible (and you should be able to do this), do an ALT-TAB to get your fullscreen game to minimize. 3. Next, run taskmgr.exe (you can type taskmgr in the run box or right-click your taskbar and choose Task Manager) and sort the running processes by CPU. 4. Watch and wait for a process to suddenly run even if it runs a split second. Wait some more and confirm that the same process is doing this. Hopefully, you'll have an idea what that process is. If you're not sure, run a search on the process with Google and see if it's a known virus/malware/spyware process. Usually when a kink occurs during gaming or while using some other process/memory intensive app, this is what is causing it. HTH, Harlin Seritt Internet Villa:
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  • GJMach
    Just because you are under the minimum requirement for a game, it doesn't mean the game will run well, just that it will run. I'd suggest updating the graphics card.
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  • Ve3ofa
    are you using any indexing program? i.e. google desktop search? did you start indexing on your machine after saying yes please make my searches faster? just FYI the minimum requirements for a game and the recommended requirements are sometimes just wishfull thinking by the game manufacturer... would you run windows xp on a pentium 233 / 64M Ram / 1.5G Hard drive? Try investigating the game in one of the Gaming Magazine reviews and you will probably see what they recommend as to what you need to make the game playable.
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