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Hi there, I actually has 2 problems! I`m running Win xp with service pack 2!Mcafee virus scan 2004 Home Edition! 1.Each time i reboot my pc it doesnt load the explorer shell!Only the background is visible but nothing else!What i then need to do is open Task Manager - Processes - and end explorer!Then go to file - New Task and start explorer, only then does the shell open! 2.I also have a virus problem!Its called Win32pirate.b(something like this)!But the problem is that the virus scan does clean all of the infected files but it doesnt have the rights(it cant) to delete the main file from the temp directory!Is there any way that i can remove this file manually from the temp directory? I have tried but its used my another application! Thank You Regards Jannie Rourke

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I’ve found this approach helpful in many cases.

Boot the machine in Safe Mode (w/NO network support) and log in as administrator.

Then go to the folder(s) in question and take ownership, and force that change to propagate. Because the permissions can be tightly locked by some of these pests, you may have to do multiple iterations before you’ve really got full control over that portion of the file system again.

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I believe that your computer system has been already infected with viruses. Specifically, the system files are already infected that is why it shows weird results. You have to immediately back up your important files before your entire system gets paralyze.

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  • Sidzilla
    While you are in safe mode you also need to turn off system restore by right clicking on the "My Computer" icon and then selecting the box that says to turn it off. Many times a virus will be present in these backed up files and cannot be deleted or repaired because the system restore area is protected, even from administrative accounts. Once System restore is turned off you can run your anti virus scanner in safe mode. Please be careful, back up any data you have before hand, etc. because if something goes wrong you won't be able to restore the system. Also remember to turn system restore back on once you are done cleaning up the virus. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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  • PcCustodian
    Being next on the list I agree with current solutions, I will add one more preventive solution. Get Winpatrol and put it to work. It is freeware (donationware) and will help prevent any new applications from running without you knowing about them. The key is turn off restore temporarly. Future prevention is a 3 zone defence. virus checker, spyware checker, and (my successeful third defence) winpatrol, (or a version of same). hope you won't have to dig deep into the registry. Run your spy-defence and virus checks daily and manually for a week or until you are comfortable. You now have a learning curve to traverse.
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  • EricHarris
    I suggest the following approach. Go to a known clean computer which has a CD RW. Download BartPE ( and use it to make a bootable CD. Put the McAfee command line executable on it with the latest scan engine and virus definition files. The files you need are probably in C:Program FilesCommon FilesNetwork AssociatesEngine. I am familiar with the business version of McAfee, not the Home version, but things should be similar. Look for a file called scan.exe. Take it and all the files in the subdirectory with it. Use this CD to boot your PC and then scan it. This will prevent the virus from loading itself in any way and allow the McAfee full rein. The command to scan your PC would be "Scan /adl /all /clean" (Scan all local drives, all files, clean all). Viruses and other malware can cause the problems you mention with Explorer so this may take care of things. Keep in mind though, that Microsoft researchers have stated that sometimes the only thing you can do is reformat and start over. My recommendation is to be paranoid. Always run anti-spyware software (Microsoft, AdAware, SpyBot S&D). Always run anti-virus with the latest virus definitions. Always run at least the Windows Firewall and consider using the McAfee or ZoneAlarm firewalls. Always keep your system up to date with security patches, not just Windows but all the applications on it. Know who uses the computer and teach them to be paranoid, too. Children won't know what that nifty game they downloaded/website they visited/etc did unless you show them. If you have Comcast cable Internet, they have licensed the full suite of McAfee products and offer it free as part of their Internet service. Good luck.
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    Good Last resort for Memory Resident Viruses (ones that even though the AV cleans it it comes back (it's hiding in your RAM and will reload itself at shut down)): Remove Hard drive from offending machine. Go to a computer with updated antivirus. Setup the Antivirus to scan drives at startup and shut it down. Connect the infected drive to this machine as a slave drive (NOT BOOT DRIVE) Start the machine that is not infected and run virus check on your infected drive this should clean it without it leaping to your uninfected drive or the RAM. Please if anyone feels I am in error on this (or that this no longer works with todays "smart" viruses) Send me a private message and post it here too. Thanks
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  • TedRizzi
    there are a few things that you can do. boot in safemode dos prompt only, then you may be able to delete the file.. if that fails.. rename the folder that the file resides,, and reboot, renaming the folder will prevent the program from loading, because it will not look for it in the renamed folder.. you can also use regedit to check to see if it is in the run registry and remove it from there.. if all of the above fails.. then use the xp restore to restore to a point in time before the virus infected your machine.. you will then be able to delete the file
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