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What is the best way to migrate 150 Windows XP SP3 desktops to Windows 7? We are on a Windows Server 2003 domain. We will soon be getting our first Windows Server 2008. We want the transition to be smooth with little downtime. What issues can we expect? Anyone out there have a plan?

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Compatibility issues certainly will be an issue make sure you have checked all your applications and that they will work in Win 7. Also Computer hardware compatibility making sure the systems you have now will have all the drivers for windows 7. That and make sure what bit OS you are installing if you are going 64 bit or remaining 32 bit because that will cause a lot more compatibility issues than the OS change itself.

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  • carlosdl
    Also, users tend to complain about how different things are between XP and 7, and that is something you might want to take into consideration.
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  • DarcyCastanedo
    Yes there is a huge difference between Windows XP and Windows 7 but the real dilemma here is that Microsoft does not support in-place upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7, and requires a fresh installation. Apart from the going 64 bit or remaining 32 bit conundrum, if you have multiple servers or machines what you need is a reliable appliance based solution such as DELL KACE K2000 to facilitate tasks such as user state migration, operating system deployment and application distribution, helping speed the Windows migration and minimizing end-user downtime.
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  • btempleton
    I added a Windows 2008 server to a domain containing 2000 and 2003 servers. By carefully following the preparations instructions ahead of time, it took only to an evening to upgrade the domain and make the new server a DC. I let that settle in for a while before I transferred the roles and made the 2008 server the PDC. By doing it carefully in stages, my users never knew anything happened. I am upgrading the workstations from XP to Win7 as they get replaced. Our XP hardware would not support Win7. Download the Windows Advisor from Microsoft and it will tell you if a machine can be converted to Win7. I think it is easier to make the change as they get a new machine. I install Win7 and move all of their stuff and applications over to the new machine and keep it for a couple a weeks before wiping it so that if anything is forgotten, we can find it before it is nuked. Make sure that the applications you are running are ok with Win 7. Are you upgrading Office at the same time? I have had some issues with things like macros not working in Excel 2010.
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