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Windows XP has this wonderful additon called 'remote desktop' whereas you are supposed to be able to login and work on your office machine from home. I can do a remote desktop with all LOCAL (intralan) machines in which I have an account. The question is HOW do I do it via the WAN (internet). If I'm sitting at my machine I can allow anyone to view my desktop via msn messenger/windows messenger or help and support. Note: this is my Home network and home machine that I want to login to from afield i.e. start my ftp service, change virtual directories on my system etc. whatever. I sometimes need to login to my own machine from afar. Saves an hours drive back and forth from my work area. The question is HOW!! What am I missing? I'd rather NOT use gotomypc or other addon's. I want to USE what was built into the operating system. XP PRO SP2. I do have a domain name attached to my IP address (WAN) and can remotely access my router (DI-604), knowing in advance which IP I will be at and the appropriate password. Note: my isp does block netbios, ports 21-25-80 etc and I've set my router to use alternate WAN ports mapped to local ports. Any clues as to what I'm missing here?

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I might be stating the obvious here but since you did not mention it in your question:

Do you allow rdp (3389) connections to your homepc from the internet?

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  • Cptrelentless
    VPN is another option if you don't fancy letting all and sundry at your machine. Depends on your kit.
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  • 2stroke
    The link below will give you a quick reference list to configure remote desktop. Barring the possibility of any firewalls at the location you are trying to remotely connect from...check your windows firewall settings on your home PC and (work PC if it's XP also) may need to provide an exception in the rules list for remote desktop and be certain the necessary services are running. Are there any group/security policies at your work that may be preventing an outside connection? Hope this info is not redundant...good luck! General info: Enable Remote: VPN:
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  • Sonotsky
    A security concern - if you allow RDP (remote desktop protocol) connections to flow between private networks via the Internet, it is quite simple to execute a man-in-the-middle attack, or to sniff passively. The best, easiest, and cheapest way to secure your communications is to tunnel any RDP conenctions through SSH. There are free/cheap SSH servers and clients for most platforms; with 128-bit keys, it will take a long time for a potential attacker to decrypt just one packet, let alone read the entire data stream.
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  • jinteik
    I think for safety it is the best to use VPN...unless you change your remote desktop to FIPS Compliant
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