Windows XP Pro lost TCP/IP protocol

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I have an XP Pro machine. I have been unable to restore the TCP/IP to the adapters. I have replaced the network adapter and even added a wireless to the machine,but I can't get them to pick up a nip address. When I run ipconfig it gives me a message to contact microsoft, I have been through the knowledge base. I know it is something I need to repair in the registry, but I can't afford to run a repair on windows I don't want to loose the SQL Data base program.

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If you go to the properties of the network adapter and select install | add | protocol doesn’t IPv4 show up as an option? This is where you add protocols. If it doesn’t show as an option look here.

This is how I would trouble shoot the problem:

I would start by checking out the error log

Check the cables and cards for damage. Replace them.

Has there been any new additions of software or hardware? If yes remove them.

Have you downloaded updated drivers recently? If yes remove them.

Have you tried system restore to undo system changes that have been made? This is in start menu under accessories – system tools.

Let me know how it goes and if I can be of further assistance.

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  • Cunnij
    This may seem very simplistic but there is a free download called winsock XP fix. It's a small executable that will reset your TCP/IP settings automatically. It has gotten us out of many situations as described above.
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  • greatjubee
    I tried that winsock fix program and it has not changed anything I still haven't been able to get tcp/ip to confiqured. I just keep getting a can't unable to query TCP/IP
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  • Sharp as400
    I have had that problem with my XP Pro notebook and wireless adapter. The wireless icon will show connected but when I run an IP config, the wireless adapter does not show up at all. After running anti virus and spyware programs, I still had the problem. My only solution was to do a restore to a date where the wireless was working. I know it is not a fix per say, but it may be worth a try.
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  • mnman66
    Did you run the ipconfig from a CMD window? The 'ipconfig /release' then the 'ipconfig /renew'? Do you see the NIC in the device manager and are all drivers up to date? Is your CAT5 cable actually good and can you connect to the network with another device? Questions you may have faced, or may not have.
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  • greatjubee
    Mnman66 The computer is cart5 direct, I have used 2 different cables. Yes my laptop will connect to the router direct with no problems, I have run a windows XP repair on the machine from the installation disc, which resolved the problem for the time being, but the new problem is working around the 3.1 installer to down load updates from microsoft, since the 3.1 installer is already present in the rgistry. I am at a point right know where I'm trying to determine if it is the drivers for the Motherboard or some part of the HP software installed for the printers causing the actual conflict and removing the tcp/ip protocol from the adapter. Any thoughts would be helpful
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  • greatjubee
    Ok well we did manage to find a virus and remove it. I still have the problem how to work around the old 3.1 installer to get winXP Service pack 2 to update now
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  • Buddyfarr
    GreatJubee- have you tried to download SP2 separately to your hard drive and run it as an install instead of going through MS Update? that might work. if not then try to find the update directories in the windows directories (usually names like $NtUninstall or something like that). try deleting these and re-running ms update. you might want to back them up to flash drive or something just in case.
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  • bhannah
    It is possible that you might need to reinstall the TCP/IP protocols for XP. Sometimes it loses them when you put a new adapter in the system, and does not reinstall them.
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