Windows XP boot failure

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Boot failure
Windows XP boot failure having a problem.i swicthed on my computer.there on the screen waz mode,safe mode with networing etc etc i choze windows start normally wen i click on thar the srcreen gave me result to install the windows setup.i hav windows xp 2oo7 cd with its key written on it but i dont know how to do it.plz tell me the method that my computer could work.

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It almost sounds like XP has crashed on you. Did you shut it down normally ie. Start>shutdown? If not that could be where your problem came from and you could have baked the OS. You may need to reinstall, Although there is not much info here to make an informed decision. What does it do when you select start windows normally? Can you insert the disk and begin a restore or recover?

Insert the windows xp disk and restart the computer. If it does not boot to the disk you may need to change the boot order in the BIOS to cd as first boot device. Once you have booted to the disk you can try to run repair to salvage what you have, if that does not work or it tells you there is no OS available to repair then you are going to have to do a full reinstall of the OS. If there is data on the hard drives you must recover you MIGHT be able to get some of it from the recovery console, otherwise you may have to pay someone to recover the data if you did not have any of it backed up elsewhere. I hope you have been backing things up!

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  • carlosdl
    Was this computer working before ? did you intalled something or make any changes recently ? If you select 'safe mode', does that work ? are you able to get to the windows desktop ?
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  • MacsPC
    Hi You can also try "loading with the settings that worked most recently" - I've had a couple of load faults that suddenly appeared from nowhere - BUT loading with recent settings completely cleared the load fault ! IF yoiu are unable to get access into Windows - you MAY get away with installing the Windows onto the SAME DRIVE but into a new directory ( unless your PC has 2 drives / partitions or more - where you can load & save files / programs from C: & D: & where D: is NOT a CD or DVD driive / USB drive etc. Install from your CD following all of the on-screen instructions BUT when the setup program detects your OLD windows - select to install a NEW Windows on the same drive. Normally this is a real NO! NO! BUT in the interests of salvageing your work etc. it's OK as a temp fix. It might ask you if you want to FORMAT the drive with NTFS or FAT32 - YOU DO NOT WANT TO CHOSE EITHER - the drive MUST STAY "AS-IS" if your work is to be saved !!! Once your install is complete - DON'T WORRY about registering online etc. as you have 30 days & you'll be wiping the drive CLEAN - LONG before then ! Now go into "Explorer" ( "Windows-Flag" key & "E" ) select the C: drive - this will show up as blanked out - allow it to be shown. Now in the folder "Documents & settings" look for the folder with your OLD login name on it - ie "Freds PC" etc. Inside this folder is you "My Documents" folder - containing all of your Music / photos / files etc. COPY this folder onto a CD / DVD plus anything else you are likely to want to keep - have a look around the drive to see if you recognise anything. IF you were using Outlook or Outlook Express for your e-mails - we CAN SAVE THESE but I'll have to talk you through once I know a bit more about your drive. Remember by default - many files are hidden from your sight to protect Windows from you messing with them - so the chances of you making things worse are not high - not to mention after this salvage op - YOU WILL HAVE TO preform a CLEAN INSTALL - meaning the Windows install program WILL FORMAT the drive ( Quick NTFS ) usually works best for me. The Hard Disk will be checked for errors - prior to install !!! If you would like a more IN-Depth explaination & assistance - please e-mail me at Mike . Macs_PC @ NTLworld . Com Note - I've inserted SPACES to prevent this web page from Auto Formatting & turning the e-mail address into a mess of code ! THERE SHOULD BE NO SPACES IN THE E-MAIL ADDRESS I Hope I've been of SOME HELP :o) - M!ke - ( Macs PC ) C Ya Lata :o)
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Hopefully you've gotten this resolved. Let his be a lesson to others of the importance of periodic and consistent backups. I especially recommend checking out drive imaging software such as TrueImage Echo Workstation that will run while Windows is loaded and you can do other stuff at the same time.
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