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Windows SBS 2008 Windows Server Backup I have a server whose backup has been failing, purportedly for a lack of space on the drive. The drive is full (after about 6 mos. of usage), but in it is stated that "Automatic disk usage management. After you configure a disk for a scheduled backup, Windows Server Backup automatically manages the disk usage—you do not need to be concerned about running out of disk space after repeated backups. Windows Server Backup will automatically reuse the space of older backups when creating new backups. The management tool displays the backups that are available and the disk usage information. This can help you plan for provisioning additional storage to meet your recovery objectives." The actual error message is: "Log Name: Application "Source: Microsoft-Windows-Backup "Date: 1/23/2011 3:12:05 AM "Event ID: 519 "Task Category: None "Level: "Error Keywords: "User: SYSTEM "Computer: XXXX.xxxxxxx.local "Description: Backup started at '1/23/2011 8:00:01 AM' failed to backup volume(s) 'D:' with following error code 2155348010 (One of the backup files could not be created.). Please rerun backup once issue is resolved." I would prefer not to wipe the drive and start over, but if I have to, I will. But I would like to try to determine why it is not working as advertised. The backup is approximately 516GB.

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Windows server backupo 2008, SBS 2008

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Hi the disk might not have the required space to perform the whole backup opperation.

After reading your post, my first advice goes to tell you that for a (real) BACKUP,<b> you need</b> to have more than one copy of what you’re backing up.
When you say that you prefer “not to wipe the drive” I assume that it might be for not having any other backup.

If this is the case, rethink it.
After you have more than one backup of what you’re working on, wipe the drive and strat from scratch.

What’s the size o the drive in question?
What’s the size o the data you need to backup?
What is the data retention policy for that data?

If you need further assistance, please post back.


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  • Stevesz
    First, I am not real concerned about what should be done re: backup since periodically the real important stuff goes to DVD. For my home use, as this server is, it is just nice to have an up to the day backup. The data drives are in a RAID5 configuration, and the OS is on a RAID1 set. In a truly catastrophic situation, I'd still have a problem, since the DVD's, while in the office are still at home and not stored at work or in a safety deposit box or at some other off site spot. I have a 1TB external drive, and about 400GB total space used on the two lettered drives in the machine. The backup has 157 backups on the external drive before the backup started to fail. The Windows Server Backup program makes an initial backup of everything on the covered drives. It is extremely compressed. After that initial backup, it is just a series of incremental backups that are done. Hence the ability to have so many backups of the amount of data we are talking about here. According to the quote from an article on the MS site about how it is supposed to work, it is not working. The crux of the issue is that the backup cannot create the new file needed to hold the data for the next backup. If it is supposed to automatically manage the backups and create the space needed, why is not the space being created? If this were an issue at a client site, I'd have a new drive to put in place for the backup and MS on the phone to determine what the problem was with the backup looking for a resolution. Since it is my own server, and I do have other backups of critical data, I am not so concerned. I do have certain ideas as to why the problem exists, I am looking for some validation for any of those ideas, and, as I have time, will experiment further to prove or disprove those ideas.
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  • techdude123
    I found an answer to the problem here.  It turns out you have to change the size limit for shadow copies.  I lowered mine as in the article to 300 and the backup started immediately.
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