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I need to disable Folder Redirection for any user that connects to my RDP Server.
I have two separate subnets sharing the same Domain via VPN. So one set of users keeps there folders redirected in their subnet and the second keeps theirs local in their own subnet. 
When they connect via RDP from one subnet to the other, the folder redirection tries to redirect the RDP Server back to their original subnet. I would like to stop this crazyness and have NO Folder Redirection for any user that ever connects to the RDP server. 
It is only being used for a single App deployment, and the users will never have access to their My Documents from this server anyway. Would rather that their settings and Windows stuff stay local to that server anyway rather than being redirected out. If anyone can give me some steps it would be wonderful. From my reading I think it has to do with a Group Pllicy and loopback to the server, but no one place/source just give all the steps involved to enable the freaking thing. Just bits and pieces here and there.

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Windows Server 2008 R2 RDP Services

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Yep, loopback policy is probably what you want.

I like to keep my policies modular so what I did was create one computer only GPO that enabled loopback processing, and then a 2nd user only GPO that applies all the settings you want.

Apply them both to the OU containing your RDS servers and make sure that the GPO that enables loopback processing has a higher precedence than the one containing the settings. If you look at the “Linked Group Policy Objects” tab for the OU you should see the policies you are applying and a precedence number next to them, the lower the number the greater the precedence.

I hope this works

Thank you

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  • DAXQ
    I try to keep mine the same - I like on policy for each specific thing (e.g. One to disable firewalls, one to enable remote desktops etc... and If I have a specific folder re-direction for specific subnet - and so on). However when I tried the loop back, (which I really wish I had been able to get into place by now) it did not seem to be doing anything. I have my RDP sitting in an OU all by itself. So I need to create a loopback policy (could you give me steps you used to create yours?) and link enable it only to that OU that contains the RDP server. Not sure I get the User only policy your talking about.
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  • DAXQ
    I also am sorry I did not respond any sooner - I was waiting for an email to tell me someone had posted to this. Dont think I totally have this system down just yet!
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  • DAXQ
    Well I have managed to create the policies one for user and one for loopback. It is running the user, but skipping the loopback (Or denied) stating it is empty. Very frustrating, when it seems like such a simple thing. Should be a way on the server itself to just simply make it adhear to its own policies and reject everything else if something wants to connect to it.
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