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I have 4 data transfers created in IBMs data transfer from iSeries Server programs that I need to schedule using Windows Scheduler. I can make the transfers work by double clicking on the .dtf but when I try and schedule them I get the following errors: filename, directory name, or volume labe syntax is incorrect. AND Invalid file type. It is either not a transfer file request type, or the file has been corrupted. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Heather

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I’m probing the deep dark recesses of my increasingly feeble memory, but if it serves me, I think the Windows job scheduler will only run .bat .cmd files.

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  • Heather400
    Windows scheduler can do more than just .cmd and .bat files. I have it running the data transfer program it just won't run the specfic btf files
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  • CarterC19
    I think you can include Client Access transfers in a .bat file with the rtopcb command, yes? Need to have the client access directory in the path, I'd bet, but I think using the rtopcb command and then pass it the .dtf file name will actually run the thing. Sort of like rtopcb c:mytransfer.dtf
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  • Heather400
    rtopcb command didn't work but I googled it and found another similar command (rxferpcb) that will run in an unattended environment with username and password. It works great! Thanks so much for putting me on the right track.
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  • IdratherBEFishing
    Glad to hear you found a solution. I thought I'd offer an alternative that allows control from the AS400 instead of the Windows job scheduler. This way you'll have the messages from the PC and have a way to check from the AS400 as to whether the process ran sucessfully. Included in Client Access is the Run Remote Command service. AS the administrator of the PC or a MS server you can set this service to run automatically when the PC or server is booted. You can use a user-id at the PC or server that has access to the directories where the data is stored or you can create a user on the PC or server just for this purpose that only has access to the necessary data and directories. Once you have the file transfers working such that they work under the user-id you intend to use by only double clicking them, you should be able to put the executables in a bat file. If when you ececute the bat file under the user-id you've set up and all is well you are ready for the next step. You simply create a CL on the AS400 and use the run remote command to call the bat file on the PC or server. There is much more information about using the Run Remote Command at the I-Series information center on the web. I like using this method because there is a lot information the AS400 gives me about what occurred at he PC or server level and I can use the AS400 Job scheduler to control when the process is run. In addition, I can build upon the CL to have other processes on the AS400 take place after a sucessful transfer of data. Just another way to accomplish the same goal.
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