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Microsoft Windows XP
Hi, I have a Dell XPS 400 with a few minor upgrades such as the graphics card. Everything has worked excellent for the past 5 months however after updating windows the other day and restarting my computer went to blue screen and would not start back up. I tried going through safe mode however it would freeze half way through load up and not complete. After giving up on that i decided to try and repair windows. While going through this process a message pops up asking me to locate a diver. At this point my mouse and key board do not work so there is no way for me to select an option. What can I do? Also if you don't think it is possible to resolve this issue is there any way of getting what information I have stored on the hard drive off so i may put it back on after reformatting it.

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Windows XP, Dell XPS 400

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Hi there,

If you have an external usb caddy you could put the drive in to that that then connect it to another computer to get the data off.
Only insert the now usb drive in to the new computer after windows has booted as depending on your bios settings the computer may try to boot off the USB drive.

Or if you do not have access to another computer or a usb caddy, get another drive install a fresh copy of XP on it, then when its done insert the old drive as a slave drive and copy the data to the new drive in windows.

Then you have the added bonus of having two drives and you can use the old one for backup.


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  • Yade
    Just copy out the good & neccesary info. you need to a safer drive the do a new installation then recopy back I guess these should work right....................
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  • Usaidwhat?
    The key is to rescue the data on drive with the corrupted Windows installation. Before going out and getting another hard drive, is it possible to get a bootable Linux (live) CD(*** most preferable) or a Winternals live CD? If that is possible, there is a good chance the data can be retrieved. Note: I have had problems with the Winternals live CD recognizing USB drives, so Winternals may not be an option.
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  • r3boot
    you can do that depending hows your dell was setup, lets say you have an extended partitions on the hard drive and most of the data you needed is on the extended partition then just re-install windows in a clean slate by on the logical drive (that would be your C: drive)you dont need to format your extended partition after installing windows xp your files should be fine, but if you dont have a partition on the hard drive it best to retrieve the files that are necessary for you by going on "RickC suggestion of getting a new hard drive then installing a windows xp on it and making your old hard drive a slave one, before you do that did you try going to the option "last known configuration"because you mentioned that you've updated the windows xp right? going back to the old state before might solve your problem regarding freeze up of windows xp...and one thing what kind of update did you do?updates for security issues on windows xp?or the whole operating system was upgraded?
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