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Hi, Sometimes in some programs(for example Training CD's) there is no sound from my sound card!!!!!!!I try this program on another computer and it has sound!!!!!!! In control panel->sound->audio codec->properties there are some compression driver for sound for example "Windows media audio codec" ,other computer has it but my computer doesn't, how can I add this to my computer? I tried and found this from Microsoft site and install it but again it didn't work and it didn't add to my sound card audio codec drivers in control pannel!!! But when I disable the "windows media audio codec" in other computer(that works well) and run that CD it automaitically asked me to install "windows media audio codec" from microsoft corporation site and install it and it works but in my computer it doesn't ask me for installing it and never install it. All of hardware devices in both computers is equal but my computer's os is win2k pro and other computer's os is win2k server!!!!!!!! in both there is Media player version 9 Could you please help me? Thank you. ------- Regards Mahnaz

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Rather than try making your machine equal the working machine’s configuration, I might be inclined to delete the sound card hardware device then reboot the machine (with the OS install CD handy) and let PNP install it again. It *should* work after that. This method may give faster resolution to the problem than continuing to try “tweaking” your machine in hopes of getting it to work. Heck, it couldn’t work worse than it does now right?

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  • Amanymohandes
    Using search for 'tscc.exe' which is a video codec. Download it & double click it to be installed. I'm not sure if this can help in your case, but this was for a training CD which give sound but do not give picture. Regards
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  • Itspec
    This doesn't sound like a hardware issue, (so re-installing the sound card will probably have no affect). You don't have the proper video/audio codec installed on your PC to support whatever software was used to capture/create the training sessions on the CD. I belive TSCC mentioned in another post is a common codec when using the Techsmith capture products. I've seen quite a few training type seminars use this. Check your video/audio codecs. DO a search on GOOGLE, in the past I have found a collection of the most popular codecs bundled in a single setup file. You may get lucky...
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  • Ve3ofa
    what i've used to find obscure codecs is 'avicodec.exe' available from and others
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  • Terry1
    I have found that if the Codec is non standard they shoould have a copy on the relevant CD. If not send an Email to the firm that supplied the CD and ask for details of their Codec they have used and send a copy. I have had to to this a couple of time with sucess.
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