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From the instant i turn on my computer I'm boombarded with a plethora of pop up windows. My OS is windows 8 and I use browsers such as explorer 11, safari, firefox, and google chrome. I went into tools and turned on block pop up, but a I still get the pop ups. I conducted a security scan with windows defender and now I have no malicious files, but I still get pop ups. I need help, please. Somebody!

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I have a toshiba satellite i3 notebook, 6gb memory, 750 gb hard drive,

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You may have some Malware on your machine. You can go to and download the free
version to run and clean your computer. I suggest getting good virus protection
software because I am sure there are plenty of free ones out there but search
and see if you get 95% protection from those free ones. I know Microsoft
Security Essentials do not fully protect you.


Also, try deleting
the Prefech files from your windows folder.


Click on OS C: listed under computer

Go down to the Windows folder and click to show all folders

Search for Prefetch.

You can click on the first one and hold down the shift key
and click the last one to select all files and hit the delete key. Deleting
these files will not harm your computer.

These files are there to prefetch data faster each time you
go to a particular website.


Also, go to
Internet Options

Click the box for Delete browsing history on exit. Below
that click on delete and when the choices come up, make sure you check


I do all these things and I never get popups.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Try Webroot as can find malware and junk that no other tools can find.
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  • AndreaF
    Malwarebytes is great for cleaning up, and Avira, Avast and AVG are all fairly good anti-virus programs that you can get free.....but I am curious why you would run 4 different browsers?
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  • AlexChristopherJohnson


    I would advise that you delete all the temporary files that your browsers have created and ensure that an up to date anti-virus program running.

    You could also run "msconfig" by opening up the "RUN" box and entering "msconfig" to see whether anything "suspcious" runs when your computer "starts-up".

    Take a look using "Task Manager" to view running programs and processes too.

    Could you "print screen" your process list from "task manager" so we can try and identify problematic processes running on your system.

    Alex Christopher Johnson

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  • bhannah
    I am firm believer in a layered defense to prevent some of this on my machine and my network. There are some questions posed by the person that I am not sure about. I only run two browsers on my system, though I have tested others. I run IE, and I run Firefox. I do not allow any extra tool bars to install because they may be causing some of this. I also suspect that you had some malware or virus that has installed on your system causing this. I would get a good AV / Antimalware program and run it constantly. I would also get and use Malwarebytes and use it. One thing though. Malwarebyte's is not compatible with some other AV programs. I would also look in Task Manager and processes running to see what is running in the background. You can also look in search and MSconfig to see what is loading in startup. In the startup folder in msconfig, you can remove things from the startup so they do not load when the machine starts. I also use CCleaner to remove the temp garbage that is not needed that every browser downloads to your system. CCleaner also has a tool to clean the registry of bad entries. It also will show you what is running on your system. There is a free one and a pay for one available. I use the Free one. As with any registry cleaner, before using it. make sure that you have a backup copy of the the registry.
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