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I'm using all the VB6 source code from a XP machine on a new Windows 7 machine. The code works fine and builds the .exe. The .exe runs fine on the Windows 7 computer, but will no longer work on an XP machine. In my facility most of my users are still on XP machines. An additional note, if I move the .frms back to the XP machine, they compile fine and the .EXE works fine on the XP machines. My XP is very old and I need to move my development to the Windows 7 machine, help?

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Windows 7 and windows XP

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As you have noted, you will probably need to create an EXE file for XP and one for 7. You could have a virtual machine with XP to use it when compiling applications for XP clients.

–I’m new to VB6, where do I instruct VB to build for XP?———-


Your files created by your VB 6.0 software has its exact document path for it to be opened. You have to change the path of the document from your VB program for you to also run in different version of Operating System.

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  • carlosdl
    "--I'm new to VB6, where do I instruct VB to build for XP?---------- " You don't. You will probably have to compile your application on an XP machine, which could be a virtual one.
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  • Yorkshireman
    As Far As I know, only IBMi has a fully abstracted hardware layer so these issues never happen. Given two OS versions from a supplier notorious for not understanding 'Backward compatibility' you will need to maintain an old XP, or provide a virtual one. If the old box is being retired, just leave it to do the odd compile. XP hasn't altered, so it will stay as competent as it ever used to be, even if you now have the faster, brighter W7 to play with. My old copy of professionalwrite can still work faster than I can type. - and it fits on an 820k diskette.
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  • Koohiisan
    You don't need to build VB6 differently for 7 than for XP. Now, there are some things that may be *IN* your VB6 program that could be at fault, such as linking to .NET forms interop modules that aren't registered on that XP system, or trying to use other libraries which you aren't distributing with your app package, but which may already be on your 7 box. In addition, if you use data access via ADO and are on service pack 2 on Windows 7, you may have been bitten by the changes Microsoft made to the ADO component broke my programs and brought production here to a dead stop, so I know firsthand! What issues or error messages are you getting?
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  • Koohiisan
    Sorry, I meant service pack *1* on Windows 7! :/
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  • Riteshnarnaware
    i want to about exe file coding
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  • Rockeey
    i have exe file but its not working in windows 7. how i make exe file for windows 7?

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  • Michael Tidmarsh
    Welcome to ITKE, Rockeey! The best idea is to start a new question, so our experts can try to find a solution to your issue.
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