Windows 7 Troubleshooting difficulties

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I am having difficulties troubleshooting a Windows 7 Issue. The computer slows to a crawl randomly. When it does, it takes about 1 to 2 minutes to open a windows or change from one program to the next. Some times, it can take 3 - 5 minutes to get Task Manager running. Once that is running, all 4 CPUs look idle, RAM is pegged at about 2 gig, and no process is running amuck - system idle is around 99. When I looked into the resource monitor (took anohter 3 - 4 min to launch) I saw only 4 processes: atiesrxx.exe svchost.exe(LocalSystemNet...) svchost.exe(NetSvcs) svchost.exe(LocalServiceNet) nothing else - when I tried to kill atiesrxx.exe I was told it could not be killed so I started trying to remove any thing else I could one at a time to see if anything would shake loose. Before I could kill anything else, the task bar disappeared, and a few minuets later - it looked everything had reset itself - there where many process in the resource monitor now, still nothing very interesting in task manager and the slowness was gone. I ran a system update to ensure the PC was upto date, (there was like 23mb worth of updates - nothing big) and it has been running fine since. But as I said, this has happened in the past, and I am expecting it will return. The user has no problem with this PC as far as performance unless it is doing this bog down thing it does every couple of days. Any assitance or advice in helping determine the culprit is greatly appriciated.  

Software/Hardware used:
Windows 7 Pro - HPE-110t Int Quad Core Q9300 @2.50GHz, 6Gig RAM, 64Bit

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A good tool to use is Process Explorer from Sysinternals (Microsoft). You can get a “live” version by going here. This can help you dive into running processes a bit deeper than the native Windows tools. Be sure that antivirus (fully updated and active) is running on this computer and that it is not behaving abnormally. You can get the Microsoft Security Essentials software for free and it will be a good way to check this system for malware.

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  • DAXQ
    Yes procexp.exe is awesome, I was using pskill, and pslist (actually ran better than the GUI stuff - with the GUI, you would wait 3 - 5 minutes for the window to display). What ever was hung was causing the processes to not be displayed correctly in Task manager, resource manager, and pslist I would only see those four processes. When everything shook loose (no idea what shook the tree) all the other processes began showing up in memory (resource manager) and processes in the task manager, and pslist.
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  • Raphael7
    I will recomend before you do anything else to go and download spybot you will be surprise.
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    [...] Windows 7 Troubleshooting difficulties [...]
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