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How can I backup my entire Windows 7 system for disaster recovery without buying any software?

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If you are wanting to backup your system without ANY monetary investment, it’s not likely going to happen.
You will either need to purchase more disk and/or some backup software.
If you have and extra server available, you can use FTP to send over files to back them up.
With the cost of backup services these days, I would investigate them. Not only do you get the data backed up, but it is automatic and you do not have to worry about it.
Carbonite seems to have a good reputation.

From Rechil.

The Q is about to free / without use 3rd party SW to back up Windows 7! Okay.
Windows 7 has an integrated backup solution which can be found Control Panel. Of course, prior versions of Windows also has backup utility, but now it is more improved in Windows 7.
You may invoke Backup And Restore from Control Panel or by typing Backup in the Search box on the Start menu. It is possible to take back up files to a local hard disk / a removable disk (like cd or dvd) / another computer on the network.
By doing open Control Panel > System and Security > Backup your computer option. On left pane, open the link “Create an image backup”.
Though the above procedure is very much sure and completely ok, you may also download and use for more enhancement and they r all completely free to download & use…..

Don’t worry, they are all free to use!

Remember, if you have more money you may invest it to get better solution. Though u asked for without purchase any sw, i.e. free, that is why I am providing these. It is universally known that, if u provide money for any good purpose, you should get always better way even a best option.


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  • Rakei
    Well for what I've known if im not mistaken, Windows 7 does have some "few" Recovery options(depending what you are really after)... -Some Windows 7 such as Windows 7 Pro AND Ultimate have a extra features that would allow you to create a System Image Factory and Back it up onto either External HDD or or ANY Directories youve decide. -Then theirs always the Back-up and Restore features to restore your unit to a last known working state.this however may require regular service and updates..but then its not really intended for your normal Back-up personal files(especilly those that have been accidently deleted or Damadged.). but it does do the Job..Hope this of any help.
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  • jinteik
    or you can use this...
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  • Sixball
    Just remember, when it comes to Free anything - you get what you pay for...
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @ Sixball, MWAV is simple free AV tool, that costs nothing, but works more than expectations. (Just for an instance) :)
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  • Davidmichel
    Yes, I know I'm not answering the question directly, but it seems the wrong question is being asked. DR options just seem like a marketing hype type thing to me, more value (as in $$$) to the people seliing than value to the end user. If it is a critical server then use cluster or a D2D sync product. If it is a end user system then why bother? Almost all end user systems come with recovery disks or the means of making them. Some even let you make them again later after critical applications have been installed. Haven't we all seen how an end user system just seems to run slower and slower as time goes on and programs are installed and uninstalled, so why preserve that mess. A full regular backup of an end user system just seems penny wise and dollar foolish to me considering how much critical data is typically added. Instead look to the data itself. Take the time to check out the whole systems and all the data. Collect statistics on the data like the type, amount, importance, and freqency of change, and then plan out what is best for you. Music, video, and pictures don't change so why back them up again and again. Sometimes they can either be available from their original source, if not then copied to an external USB drive. For most the critical data such as financial and personally created documents are a rather small amount and can be written to a disc, the USB drive, or online. For example Microsoft LIve Mesh gives you 5gb free with a folder sync feature free. Unless you are producing documents as part of your work that should be enough space. Critical data should have two backup locations, and done often enough to be kept current or close to it.
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  • Rakei
    wise men speaks.."good point Davidmichel"..
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  • The Most-Watched IT Questions: April 5, 2011 - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Jinteik, Sixball, and Davidmichel gave some sound advice to a member wondering how to achieve a Windows 7 backup without a software purchase: You get what you pay [...]
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