How to run the Windows XP installer in safe mode and delete the autorun.inf file?

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Microsoft Windows XP
Windows installation
how to run the windows installer in safe mode?

how to delete the autorun.inf file?


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windows xp

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Windows installer will not work under Safe Mode, this means that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled in safe mode without giving a specific command using msiexec in command prompt.

If U have to make windows installer to work under safe mode it is necessary to create a registry entry for every type of safe mode you are login into:

1. First go to safe mode by pressing F8 key at the time of booting, it shows several options….
2. Select Safe Mode Without Network and there is some lists gone on the screen now it asks for display related q, just click Yes button and log in as Administrator !

Now Start > Run > type CMD, it takes u to command prompt (like DOS env)
Type this in a command prompt:
REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal\ MSIServer”/VE/T REG_SZ /F/D”Service”

Now again type : net start msiserver
This will start the Windows Installer Service in safe mode.

Now ur second q:
See autorun.inf and desktop.ini these two r commonly seen most of in folders. Actually autorun.inf is for automatically stats any 3rd party SW. U may also observe when u install any application SW, in that CD, there is a file has the same name. that means, the setup will start automatically when u insert the CD into CD-ROM Drive. The programmers also make a virus programme called “autorun.inf” to confuse the users.
If you are a victim of this virus:
1. U can’t enable Show Hidden Files and Folders

2. Task Manager will be disabled

3. Autorun.inf can enable more viruses when portable devices are used

4. Access to Registry Editor will be locked
So, remove “autorun.inf” file, u can try this ….
Open Command Line (CMD) as I told earlier in this answer, and type :
del /a:rhs [driveletter]:autorun.inf (Replace [driveletter] with your Drive Letter or mention here the path of the folder where u seen this virus), for eg. if u seen this in D drive in xyz folder then it should be : del /a:rhs d:\xyz\autorun.inf
And now restart the computer !
OR there is a another method to remove it…. Simply download the fiel Autorun Eater 2.5 and run this Anti-Virus, it will completely clean all “Autorun.inf” files. Don’t worry it is absolutely free.

AND if u want to reinstall Windows XP then link to this :

Windows XP corruption

Hope it will help u ! and if u have probs please let me know.

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  • FrankTheTank
    Which Autorun.inf file are we referring to? A malicious programs perhaps? either way you just boot up your computer and after the post repeatedly hit F8 til you are prompted on how to boot windows select safe mode and find the file in question and delete it. If it is a virus might want to run a scan while in there. But it all depends on what you are talking about.
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  • jinteik
    Windows installer will not run in safe mode and the autorun inf on the cd is clean and you will need it on Windows mode..
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  • Pjb0222
    The AUTORUN.INF file has one purpose: To automatically start processes / applications. On CDs) and other removable media) this means when you insert a CD the creator of the CD has specified an application to start. So you see the installation of your application install CD start. The problem is that there are no security checks built into this process and it was enabled for almost any kind of media including network shares. Thus virus writers have a field day. You can disable the AUTORUN.INF functionality (and i urge you to do so). See: How to disable the Autorun functionality in Windows You will need to install the patch if not already installed.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    If u want to disable Autorun feature in any removable media, which contains some setup of 3rd party SW, (which starts automatically run without interacting) then simply put the CD/DVD into device and immediately hold CTRL key for a while and the autorun feature is not working then..... U may test this trick also !
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