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I'm currently running 4 Windows 2003 Servers at my workplace. Every month or so a couple people have a connectivity problem connecting to our main file server. Now when I look in the ARP cache for the file server it has one or two STATIC ARP entries for the IP addresses of the computers that are having connectivity problems. All I have to do is delete the STATIC entries and the problem goes away for a month. This is not affecting the same PC's every month either. Does anyone know what would cause this? This file server is used for the following: AD/DHCP/WINS/DNS/IAS/File/Print

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Try turning on security logging for all logins and logouts (including Terminal Services), and see if you can’t correlate the event to any particular person or process.

Also log all DHCP and WINS events to see if any correlation shows up their either.

One key to troubleshooting oddball behavior(in general) is to classify the general nature of the incident, and then focus your logging efforts in areas that touch it. If this doesn’t work, then cast a wider net.


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    In general, it is a TCP/IP connectivity problem. Do you get any specific error message? Check the DHCP configuration. As this problem occuring infrequently, try to log the events for DHCP, WINS and look for the symptoms.
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  • Stevesz
    I am not sure what you mean by a conectivity problem. Are they not able to connect? Is the connection slow or erratic? Does it only affect those connection to a certain server or does it affect them on all servers? Are there any events logged on the workstations or on the erver when this ocurs? It will all boil down to a network problem, possibly one with the protocols used, or a problem with a NIC on a server. It may be a problem on a switch. First off, check all the event logs for indications of a problem. Nothing there to lead you down a certain path? Check the NIC configurations and don't forget to check the hardware settings found behind the configure button. Ensure only the protocols you need are installed, and if they have options, that the options are set correctly. Since this is not a consistent problem, it may take some time to track down. When it does occur again, jump on it and try to get it resolved the same day, otherwise you'll need to wait until the next time. Steve//
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  • Pnkprof
    Even I m facing the sam issue. Every month our file and print server (which is also a holding the SQL databases) is not accessible to few users and these users are random every time. The print server doesnt respond to even ping from those affected PCs. And I see the same issue with the static arp entries. This file and print server is a virtual machine running on HyperV. I dont see any issue with other guest on the same host . I m not sure if the switch can only affect only one server.
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