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I started a facing problem in My Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition (its a Oracle Database Server) that i changed the screen resolution and restarted the server. Now after the Retarting its not moving from "Applying computer settings". Now when i start the server in the Safe mode and Disable the "Local Computer Policy" it works, but when i restart the server again its the same.. Now i have to again start the server again in Safe Mode and Reserve the "Local Computer Policy" it works.... Can anybody help me with this....

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You said “I changed the screen resolution .. and restarted the server.” I never have to restart the server to change resolution, and only on one ‘old’ machine if I change the color depth.

If you put the resolution back to what it was, does the problem go away?

If not, in safe mode review the bootlog file in the root directory and see what item is hanging you up.

Good luck.

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  • DougPorter
    I've gotten that problem before. When this happens, I don't just restart - I power down the machine, then restart. This has always seemed to fix the problem. The underlying cause *may* be related to the hardware's active settings (?) being 'messed up' by the driver change. You reset the software/driver/operational parameters by restarting, but the hardware settings that interact with the driver aren't reset until you power down. Typical example is a BIOS update. This is just a semi-educated guess, though.
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  • TedRizzi
    If neither of the previous excellent suggestions dont work. start up in safe mode, and reinstall the microsoft default vga drivers for the monitor, that should get it up. then you can re-install the correct drivers
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  • Suhaif
    Dear All, I have noticed another problem, that when i disable the Veritas from the statup its works. The system is starting as normal, but when i enable the veritas and remove the network cable then also it works (but it doesn't works when the Veritas is enabled in the started and the network cable plugged in) but now niether i able to start my Vertitas service nor the MS SQL server starts and also my Symantec is disabled.
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