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Hi all, I'm running Win2K3 on a LAN with a DSL connection to the internet. I've got the server set up to be the DHCP and DNS server for the network, forwarding internet requests to our service provider's DNS servers. This all works lovely, browsing the LAN and the Web, except for a handful of sites which refuse to display (and timeout). If I manually configure an IP address on a workstation, setting the Default GW to the router and the DNS to our service provider's then those sites pop right up. What gives? I've got a server at our main office that has the same setup and the sites in question are fine. (same DNS servers and all.) I've got different DSL modems at each site, but that's really the only difference. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this to work? More Details: The server in question is also connected to the server in our main office using MS Routing and Remote services VPN. It also uses AD for DNS storage. Thanks for any help.

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The only thing that makes sense to me is your server thinks it owns the domains you can’t reach. When a DNS server believes it is authoritative for a domain, it doesn’t forward the requests.
Have you tried nslookup to see the response? I would use nslookup interactively with each of the servers in question and see what the results are.

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  • TheVyrys
    Go to DHCP scope options. Check the properties on your router, and DNS to see if you have any MTU settings different than you do for the other site's server that is working. let us know what you find out. thanks V
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  • Spadasoe
    I had a similar problem, turned out the IPv6 stack had been installed as well, and DNS had problems resolving some addresses. Removed the v6 stack and all worked fine
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  • Titatius
    Hey all, Thanks for the great advice. I found the error and I feel stupid now. It turns out that I was looking to deep. I had checked the adapter settings for the Internet adapter (several times) and that all checked out. But upon looking not at the DNS, but the Subnet Mask, I discovered I had a class B mask instead of a class C mask. Upon changing the mask the rebelious sites began working properly. Thanks again for the help. Sorry for the gross oversight. -T
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