Windows 2000 PDC migration / upgrade or enlarge OS partition or image OS partition?

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I work for a small school district we have 3 campuses, each headed by a win2k server box. Our PDC, which resides at our main office has some problems. Mainly, whoever set it up created 2 partitions on the drive and installed win2k server on a 3GB partition. They also upgraded the disk to dynamic so I can't expand the partition size. Needless to say I only have about 50MB of HD space left on the primary partition, thus I can't install anymore updates nor can I install any new applications, or even defrag for that matter. Is there an app similar to Partition Magic that will work on win2k server? or similarly, is there an app where I can image the 3gb partition and put it on a larger, unpartitioned drive? Or am I going to just have to build a new win2k Server PDC? I found an app that will allow me to image and migrate to to a new server, but it was $699 and we are a small, and might I add, very poor school district and our budget is no where near that $ amount. Our PDC is currently a little slow and could use an upgrade anyway, but I am unsure how to migrate our Active Directory db to the new server. We are also running DNS on our PDC and I would need to export/import that as well. Can anyone advise or help me on any of this?

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Symantec Ghost can do this. When you ghost from one drive to another you specify new partition sizes (as long as they’re larger than the data they contain).

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  • Eucarya
    So Symantec Ghost works on Win2k Server? On Symantec's website it lists: Windows? XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro SP2 or later as the sys requirements. It doesn't state that it works on Win2k Server. I purchaesd partition magic which had the same requirements and it wouldn't run on win2k server. Any ideas? What if I wanted to upgrade my server? Is it even possible to ghost the drive, then put it in a different machine? If not, how could I physcially upgrade to a faster/better computer for our server?
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  • Weaveo
    Ghost will work on Windows 2000 server (I think any version after 7.5 will worh on W2K). I use it regularly on W2K member servers but I've never used it on an Active Directory DC so you might want to check out Symantec & MS websites for more info on using it with DCs.
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  • Jpdavey
    The part of Ghost you'll use to change the partition size has nothing to do with Windows. You boot off a floppy created with Ghost and it goes right into PC-DOS. You run a DOS program from there. The only thing you need to worry about is if your RAID card (if applicable) will work with Ghost. And even then, you might be able to use the Ghost create-a-boot-disk Windows program to create a boot disk with your drivers. I've been running Ghost on 2000 for several years now. I've restored NTFS partitions in NT, 2000 and 2003 perfectly fine. It has even fixed errors on the partitions that no other software would touch (results may vary, of course).
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