Windows 10 Security Center Service will not start

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I'm currently in the Windows 10 'Security and Maintenance' section and when I try to turn it on, it says: The Windows Security Center Service can't be started. When I tried going through service.msc, Security Center and then Start, I get another error message: Error 1068 - The dependency service or group failed to start. So what am I missing here?

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Issue: How to fix “The Security Center service can’t be started” error message on Windows?

Hello. I wonder why my Windows Security Center is turned off (I did not turn off it by myself) and why can’t I turn it on. When I open Security center and click Turn on, the message “The Security Center service is turned off” shows up. Need help.

Security Center is an in-built Windows tool, which is set to scan the system on a regular basis and inform its user about pending update, missing software, turned off antivirus, and similar issues. All alerts generated by Security Center are generated in a form of a pop-up at the bottom-right corner of the screen right above the taskbar. Very often, people get annoyed by these messages and decide to turn off Security Center, which is not recommended due to the fact these messages help people to maintain the system and keep its best performance. Unfortunately, but for some obscure reasons, the Security Center might stop working automatically and cannot be turned on. To be more precise, “Windows Security Center” icon might be appended with a red flag out of nowhere, which once clicked redirects to the Security Center with a notification that “The Security Center service is turned off”. If the user attempts to turn on the Security Center alerts, “The Security Center service can’t be started” pop-up is thrown up. A full message reads as:

The Security Center service can’t be started.
If you continue to try, you still can’t turn on the Security Center.

According to Microsoft engineers, this issue may arise due to the Windows updates, which might have messed up Security Center configuration. To fix “The Security Center service can’t be started” error message, try to perform the following steps:

Step 1. Start Security Center service
Click Win key + I or Click Start and type Settings in the search bar. By this, you will open Settings.
In the Settings search box, type services, and select View local services. (Windows 8, 8.1, and 10)
Click Start, type services in the search box, and select Services from the list.
On the details pane, locate Security Center, and right-click on it. (Windows 7 and Vista)
Select Properties.
In the middle of the window, find Startup type, click on the arrow to open a drop down menu, and select Automatic (Delayed Start).
Then find Service Status below and click on Start.
If the service has been successfully turned on, click Apply and then OK.

Step 2. Reconfigure Security Center service
Very often, execution of the steps listed above ends up with the following error message:

Windows could not start the Security Center service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

It means that the Security Center service has to be reconfigured in order to log on user for the service. This can be done by performing the following steps:

Open Security Center and open Properties.
Click on the Log On tab and select Browse.
When the Enter the object name to select window shows up, enter the name of your PC.
Select Check Names and click OK.
In the Password box, type your administrator password and retype it in the Confirm password box.
Click Apply and OK to save the changes.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Have you customized any service of windows in service.msc (built-in uti;ity) ? If yes, please check if you have stopped any service that related to windows/system. Open msconfig & on next interface, select Normal Startup as the startup selection option and restart the system. This forces to load all drivers and services which can be solved the problem.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Moreover for safe guard, you can scan this system with a good antivirus and make sure that there is no issue due to virus. If you already have installed antivirus, check for update the same and run scan for the same.
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  • 1982jah
    I go to Services and select Security Center but the drop box "Startup type" isn't enabled. I cant even click on it to change it. Also my internet isn't connecting. If you can help please it would greatly be appreciated.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @1982jah, there might be a permission issue or admin rights related. Please check all the permissions.
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