Windows 10 PC keeps re-arranging desktop icons

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Windows 10
Every couple of days, it seems that my Windows 10 PC keep rearranging the icons on the desktop screen. At first, it only happened every month or two but now it's happening almost every single day and it's become quite annoying. I have my icons set in a particular way and then it just changes everything. I do have auto arranged icons turned off. I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

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If Windows keeps moving the desktop icons and does not
let you rearrange them at will, then most probably the Auto-arrange
 option is turned on. To see or change this option, right-click
on an empty space of your desktop, and move the mouse pointer to highlight the
View item on the shortcut menu. This should open another menu with several
desktop customization options:

 If the Auto-arrange icons option is
checked, uncheck it and see if that makes a difference. Chances are, you should
now be able to move the icons to their appropriate positions on the desktop and
Windows should not get in the way.

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  • ToddN2000
    Found this on another site.

    If unchecking the Auto-arrange icons option didn't work and the icons keep moving, it could be due to several other possibilities:

    1. Some programs (such as computer games in particular) change the screen resolution when you run them. When it happens, Windows automatically re-arranges the desktop icons to fit the new screen size. When you exit the game, the screen resolution may change back, but the icons have already been re-arranged. Sound familiar? If you've noticed that the icons change their positions after you run a particular program, this might be the case. What is the solution? Not to run that program :-) or look through its settings, maybe there is an option to adjust the screen resolution it uses. Contact the company that makes the offending program, and they might be able to help.

    2. If only some icons are moving after you save changes to the documents they represent, it could be because the program that saves the changes actually recreates a new document from scratch, and it makes Windows to find a new position for the icon rather than reuse the old one. As suggested in the comments below, a solution to such a problem is not to save documents themselves on the desktop. Instead, save them to some other folder, such as Documents, and create shortcuts to the documents on the Desktop. This way, when you save the document, the shortcut will not be changed, and it should keep its position on the desktop.

    3. If Windows keeps rearranging the icons even after you've tried the previous suggestions, another possibility is that you have a faulty video card or an outdated driver for the video card. You see, if the video card or its driver do not behave well, they may change the resolution spontaneously, and when the resolution changes, it causes Windows to rearrange the icons on the desktop, too. If this is the case, first of all check for updates to your video card driver, and install a new version, if available. Keep in mind that you may need to search the web site of the company that manufactured your video card for the latest driver for your specific model. If updating the driver does not solve the problem, try tweaking the video card settings, such as changing its resolution or the display mode. Good luck!

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Try this one, open command prompt, with admin rights. Now type the following:

    cd /d %userprofile%\appdata\local and press enter key.

    Again type as: del iconcache.db /a & press enter key.

    Type exit to close.

    Restart the system and check if that happens again.

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