Windows 7 vs. Windows 8: Which is better?

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What is actually the difference between Windows 7 & Windows 8? Which is better?

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Everyone who answers could have a different opinion of which O/S is better. Personally, I like Windows 7 much better. I think that Windows 8 is the newest version of Vista – which I disliked intensely. The interface of Windows 8 is neither intuitive or particularly user friendly, and I cannot imagine it fitting into the corproate world, unless that gears more towards tablets. As with Vista, I will wait for the next O/S release . 

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  • jinteik
    Kindly define what you are actually looking for in both the windows.
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  • FTClark

    Why is it that so many of the questions sound like homework questions?

    Assuming the question is serious, I will give my perspective.

    Windows 7 is a solid legacy desktop OS to be preferred when you are experienced with using a desktop.

    Windows 8 is a drastic redesign to be oriented to newer users of tablets and other smaller form factors.

    Windows 8 has some improvements that can benefit the desktop user but the radically disconnect from the past makes the transition undesirable. In my opinion.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    I love Windows 8 - been using it for over a year. It's much faster, more secure, and just overall better to use...if you run Start8 and use it like Windows 7. More on why Windows 8 is better here.
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  • FTClark
    I shouldn't have to add a third-party product to make the OS more usable.
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  • bhannah
    There are a number of issues here. I think the most important of them are the Desktops and the Start Menu's. If you want to stay with a standard Start Menu Desktop, then go with Win 7 and not Win 8. Win 8 is geared toward tablets and touch screens. If you don't have those, it will be a major pain with out add-ons to correct this. Both are seriously deficient in hardware support. You may lose a lot off hardware because it is not supported past Windows XP. I have lost 2 printers and 3 scanners because of this. Also be careful when you do patches to Win 7 because I have had serious patching issues. Also be aware that both of them are cloud oriented and if you lose the cloud connectivity, you are going to lose a lot of features.
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  • edwinjhoffer
    Windows 7 is much better then windows 8, because of its user interference.
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  • ToddN2000
    Personally I prefer Windows7. The little I have used Windows8 does not have the same comfort level. For me it's still faster for me to do the things I want using Win7. I may try Win* again but do not like the "smart phone" type interface.
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  • CharlieBrowne
    I join the group that likes 7 better than 8.
    With MS it seems every other release is a good one.
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  • carlosdl
    Well, it all comes down to what is meant by "better".

    Better for what?

    The fact that some people like Win 7 better doesn't mean that it is better (even for them).

    There are several things in Win 7 that I like better, but for the things I care the most, I think Win 8.1 is better.
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