Window 2003 Primary Domain Controller Unlock Problem

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I have two systems Dell PE Edge 2850 and intel server. On both window 2003 server Enterprise is installed. Dell PE Edge 2850 is Primary Domain Controller and Intel Server is Additional Domain Controlle. My doamin name is dcs.paec. My PDC name is SERVER and ADC name is SERVERR. some clients have window Xp Pro and some have window 2000 pro installed. Peridically after a couple of days when system(Primary Domain Controller) gets LOCKED , then No user even Admionistrator can Unlocke the system. Also it is worthmentioning that in Log On To option Domain Name get disappeared. NW Services are denied. if user try to access the system ' No Enough storage ' error occours. The only remedy for this situatiuon is to restart the system. so due to this problem i have to restat my system periodically after a couple of days. some eorrors about KERBEROSE authentication , Time service warnings, NTFrs Replications are noted in Event Log. Some Snapsshots of errors are attached with this email. Kindly tell me: what are the root causes of this problem. How can I cure this problem. Any help in this regards will be highly appretiated. IF POSSIBLE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO OTHER CORRESPONDING PEOPLE. Deep Regards.

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Have you checked your DNS entries on both the main DC and the additonal DC for accuracy? If you run NSLOOKUP SERVERNAME at a command prompt is it returning the correct information?
Are the two DCs replicating properly? Do you use Group Policy? Is it possible you forgot to DENY some Domain Wide group policy for Domain Admins? Can you run a REPADMIN /SHOWREPS and get successful replication between the two servers? Your DC’s should not be using a DNS address that is pointing to an external ISP’s DNS servers but rather your internal DNS servers…check that too. If you have external DNS thru an ISP, make sure they are listed in your forwarders instead. I would also run NETDIAG against your DCs to help isolate networking and/or connectivity problems. NETDIAG will performing a series of tests to determine the state of your network client.

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  • Jirvine
    Can you ping the server when it locks up? Can you browse the server from My Network Places? It sounds like a hardware issue with the server, you should try running Microsofts Memory Tester or memtest86 to see if you have a bad piece of RAM. If possible, also scan the server for viruses.
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  • Labnuke99
    I agree. This sounds like more of a hardware issue. Please review the event logs on the server and look for any gaps in the logs or if any particular error is repeated.
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