WinBind authentication with VMware host

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I need to allow Active Directory users to authenticate to our VMware host running on Ubuntu. Would someone using Samba/WinBind share an example vmware-authd file or point me in the right direction? Thanks much. Moderator Note: This is a submitted question

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This is a great howto

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  • mshen
    Purchasing the vCenter Server license, and installing it on a Windows VM or physical machine will allow you to use Active Directory accounts to connect to the vCenter Server to manage your virtual infrastructure.
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  • AdamJB
    We've been using VMware on Linux Hosts and using AD Authentication for the past couple of years, with great success on both VMware Server 1 & 2. If you already have your Winbind/Samba configuration working and all you need is a working vmware-authd pam file, here is what we use: auth sufficient shadow nullok auth sufficient use_first_pass cached_login account sufficient account sufficient cached_login The 'cached_login' parameter allows Winbind to use cached account info, which allows a domain account that has previously logged in to log in when no domain controllers are available. We found during testing that if Domain Controllers are unavailable, Winbind would not switch to offline mode reliably on it's own. So, we created a simple script to check LDAP connectivity to Domain Controllers, and set Winbind to online or offline mode depending on whether or not the DCs are available. The script is scheduled to run once per minute via cron: DC1=`nmap -sS -p 389|grep open|wc -l` DC2=`nmap -sS -p 389|grep open|wc -l` WINBINDONLINE=`smbcontrol winbindd onlinestatus|grep 'AINET:Online'|wc -l` if [ "$DC1" -eq "1" -o "$DC2" -eq "1" ]; then if [ "$WINBINDONLINE" -eq "0" ]; then smbcontrol winbindd online echo `date` - Switching winbindd to online mode >> /var/log/samba/smbcontrol fi else if [ "$WINBINDONLINE" -eq "1" ]; then smbcontrol winbindd offline echo `date` - Switching winbindd to offline mode >> /var/log/samba/ smbcontrol fi fi
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