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I upgraded my hp vectra machine(running w2k) from sp3 to service pack 4, now it is behaving erraticaly. It reboots it self, produce blue screen of death very often. Before the sp4 it was not behaving this way, though it was hanging for a while when restarting windows or at login. I update all drivers that had update available online, but it is not helping. can anybody help? thanks.

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Take a careful look at the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

Quite often, there is the name of the file being executed at the time of the failure – such as soandso.sys or sosandso.exe or sosandso.dll.

If you find one, then look for its predecessor in the backup folder (You DID back up your old files, right?), and try restoring it to its original spot.

Sorry that I don’t have a more definitive answer. I suspect that others will though.


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  • Airwrck
    All of those blue screens has an associated dmp file. If you are a Windows Professional, you will eventually learn to use the Microsoft Debugging Tools. When you have discovered the source of the crashes, you can look it up using either Google or Microsoft's Knowledge Base for a solution. We train all of our technicians to use this tool because it is such an effective way to diagnose the blue-screen crashes. I am assuming that the machine boots fine in regular mode. You may end up needing to repair it in Safe Mode. Here is the link to the Microsoft debugger and symbol libraries: (pay attention because word wrap may affect this link) You might need more help after downloading the debugger. If so, please send another request.
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  • Poppaman
    To add to what airwrk and bobkerg (did I get the names right???) have said, I assume (what a nasty word...) that you have searched the MSFT database for the BSOD/STOP error? Is it a KMODE_EXCEPTION_ERROR?; a PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED; or.... Each error and/or it's associated STOP code (0x00000000, where the eight "0"'s to the right of the x may be replaced by one or more alpha-numeric characters) has a unique cause, many of which are known issues. If not, or if the cause of your error is obviously not what is listed in the KB article, than the Symbols/Debugger route is the most efficient way to go (unless you have a spare $250.00 and pay Microsoft to do the work for you....) A link to the Microsoft KB for Windows 2000 error messages is here: (watch the word wrap...).
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  • Madwand
    Issue we have seen in our environment .. DLLs install but fail to register ... look up some of the tricks you can do with RegSvr32 ... it may be as simple as manually registering the right DLL file.
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  • 2stroke
    I ass/u/me that when you stated, "I update all drivers that had update available online, but it is not helping.", you meant Windows update? Or did you mean HP's website? Have you updated your BIOS as well? Some of the fixes in SP4 may not be supported by your Hardware or BIOS. Also, there are reported issues with SP4 that could cause problems mounting NTFS volumes and there are updates available to fix this. Might want to check one if these links to see if your system is supported for SP4. Most likely as previously stated by others, you have a corrupted file after the upgrade. I apologize if I presented more questions than answers. good luck
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  • Jayaramks
    If you are having problem with only one machine, it will be good to take the bach-up of your important files and install fresh w2k with sp4.This solves most of the blue screen problems. If u r having problems in more machines I suggest to use "Ghost" to reinstall w2k with sp4.
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  • TedRizzi
    The BSod is always caused by one of two things, hardware problem or a device driver, could be a device driver was installed/replaced in the sp4 patch that is not compatible with your hardware. the bsod usually gives you a driver name. write down the information in the firs 4 or 5 lines and use that to search technet for information. also check HP website to see if there are known issues with that model pc and sp4.
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  • mparmenter
    Is this still an issue?
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