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Hi. I have a computer with different users access it with their respective limited account. Now i would like to allow 1 user account to have internet access yet another not; by setting different tcp/ip gateway's setting for different user account. Is that possible? Any suggestion? The other thing that i would like to do is to allow 1 user account to have MSN Messenger and internet access while the other only have Internet access but not MSN Messenger and MSN web Messenger. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Never thought about this before… Gateway settings are system wide so you can’t tailor them to each user account. I wonder if there’s something in group policy you can use.

As far as disabling just a single Internet application (like MSN Messenger) for certain users, one way is to block access to the .exe (or critical .dll) for those users, if nothing better. This sounds a little kludgy but will certainly work.

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  • Spadasoe
    Set it in the log in script, using netsh commands for tyhe interface, you can set the ip, dhcp, gw, wins. I have heard of people also pointing to bad prox address. In GPO, you could set browser connection settings to a bad proxy/port
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  • FlyNavy
    Either script or GPO works well. You will also need to restrict the user's ability to change the internet options and the TCP/IP settings or they will go right behind you and undo the changes every time they log in. Had that happen to me a couple of times.
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  • techiam
    Are you using any kind of proxy to control Internet access, such as an ISA firewall. If so you may want to consider implementing rules to allow or disallow user access to Internet, MSN etc.
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  • KingTut
    If you are using a proxy server, you can set it to require UserID/Password input to gain access to the Internet. Make sure you use a good firewall and enterprise anti-virus/anti-spyware to protect the network from attack.
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