Win XP Pro SP3 Way Too Slow, after a spyware attack, and already cleaned it!!

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hi, i have a P4 3.0ghz system, with Win XP Pro SP3 & ie7 tht is running very very slow in anything and everything after a spyware attack. even openning a new ie7 browser take 20-sec's... i have P4 3.ghz, 1gb Ram , 80gbHD, PC Cillin IS 08 updated... and got the spyware, and had it removed already using PC Cillin IS!! so far have done all there is: reinstaleed Win XP from CD to do a repair, redone SP3 & ie7 done spybot, done PC Cillin Int Sec, done SmitFraudFix to locate the spyware and remove it in safemode (PC CIllin IS does not run on SafeMode) done msconfig, and reviewed all on Start up, and nothing realy there, even have disabled CTFmon.exe what else , what is a Smart utility(online), to get in there and fix it !! how to fix this ? thanks to all

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Try defragmenting the hard drive. Try Firefox and see if it has the same performance issues as IE7. Check the virtual memory settings under Computer Properties, Advanced, Performance.


Sometimes, even you thought that you have already cleaned your system and removed your suspected virus infection, there might be still other malware programs that automatically execute every time you start your computer. There are many factors affecting the speed of the computer system, you also need to consider the hardware specifications of the computer.

Even if you believe that you have already cleaned any spyware or virus files in your computer system, it gets slow because there might be files duplicated and modified that are essential for a fast computer response.

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  • Schmidtw
    I did intense testing of firefox and ie7 on 5 different systems and mozilla has no real advantage...especially if ie7pro is installed in ie7. Security is mozilla's biggest short coming. You wouldn't believe it, but take a look at Symantecs report on internet threats and you'll see. Anyway... it sounds like your system is pretty far gone...almost too far gone, but you may want to try this: open CMD and type cleanmgr /sageset:n choose what you want cleaned and click ok (don't click compress old files, that just leaves them there) back to CMD and type cleanmgr /sagerun:n that will clean some files. next download CCleaner from a website ( is a good one) install, and run...i'm sure you will find A TON of junk to clean then with administrative rights, go to CMD type defrag C this will defragment your drive also, check your anti-virus...slow usage is a sign of remnants of the anti-virus. to check to make sure your windows protected files (DLLs, some program files, other system applications and that jazz is still ok) put the XP CD in the drive, go to command prompt, and type sfc /scannow. this will look at all ur protected files and copy them from the CD again if they have been changed. if this doesn't work...back up your data and re-image.
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  • Schmidtw
    CTFMON.exe is a microsoft application process, but it is often targeted in viral applications.
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