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I am setting up a network at home under Win 2K3 and I am not sure of the settings. Can someone validate what I am doing?

My Cable modem goes into a WIFI linksys WRT53G router (its IP is The router goes into a hub in which are connecting 3 workstations and the 2K3 server. The server will act as a DC, DHCP and IIS. The server IP is, Mask, gateway (the router) is and the DNS is

Is everything ok? Thank you


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I would be inclined to use switch instead of hub. Also, set the DNS on router to ISP provided DNS or other outside source such as OpenDNS. Then set the DC DNS with forwarder set to the outside DNS as well. Let the server provide inside DNS to clients


Agreed – lose the hub, (switches are better and inexpensive), point DNS from your server to something outside your network and the rest sounds fine…

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  • GregBMe
    Actually, the 53G has 4 switch ports for wired connections.
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  • shanekearney
    I would also do what Spadasoe says, a switch would be better but if you dont have one a hub would suffice. Let me know if you need help setting up DNS and I will give you a dig out Shane
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  • Chippy088
    If the router has 4 ports, why use a switch or hub. That makes a 4 device collision zone. The 4 ports on the router are individual zones, so routing will have fewer collisions. What do you mean that the router ip is this means it is on a different network to the server and workstations, as they are on the network. (I guess it is a typo.) Ditch the hub and connect the server and workstations directly to the 4 ports on the router, and allow dhcp and dns to do its job. Unless you require static ip's for the workstations. (I think it is better to use a static ip for the sever.) Hope this helps
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  • Johnstockman
    I have installed a number of similar small networks with Windows Server and consumer-grade routers linke the Linksys. Be sure to disable the DHCP server on the router if you are planning on the Server providing the DHCP services.
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  • Alvela
    Yes the network configuration is ok.
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  • Hlx
    Everything looks good on your addressing and such. As others have said, you should probably ditch the hub in favor of the linksys 4 switch ports.
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