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This question would probably be best suited for Mrdenny but if anyone else has any imput, please feel free... I posed that question a few days ago https://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/wireless-network-bottleneck You are most certainly right about the T-1, we are purchasing another line... As for the meantime, we have been noticing a wierd situation on the network... We have been seeing a normal download speed of 256kbps and an upload speed of around 54kbps... What is going on... We have a hunch that it is somebody that uses LIMEWIRE and is being used to upload their files to other people on the LIMEWIRE network... Not sure though. This one person ends up on our network intrusion list with about 500 entries a ever couple days... Is there any way to combat this issue??? We have an AIRLOCK (Open BSD) server. We are not real familiar with how to run it though (Since it is commmand line only)... Got any ideas??? Any free tools that we can download to detect who is our problem, or what is our problem... This second or third T-1 isn't going to help if we can't combat this issue at hand... I figured that you are the best one to ask, I read your profile and the part about Myspace... IMPRESSIVE!!! You got a myspace??? If so add me!!! http://myspace.com/joshloveskrissy THANKS A TON!!!! P.s thanks for all the help!!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You can use active directory to prevent software from being installed or run.

You can also look into software such as Sonar by Awareness Technology (www.awarenesstechnology.com) to monitor what’s being used on the users machines then confront the user, or use the app to stop the offending application from running.

I’m sure that there are network admin tools which can be of more use.

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  • Denny Cherry
    I'm not a network admin by trade, so I won't be the best person to really dig into this. I don't actually use MySpace myself, I just worked there.
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  • Jstrahler
    Ahhhh, your good enough by the sounds of things.... We aren't REAL network admins either.... My friend is the "Newtwork Admin @ a local steel mill, but has no Certs. I am a Freshman taking the CISCO Network Engineering Track. So both of us are probably in a worse position than you are... I am learning, but we need the info now, not 4 semesters from now... Getting ready to start CISCO semester 2 in a week, and they do Router Config, so that will help us some...
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  • Snapper70
    You haven't given any indication about what the network is... If it's on a Cisco switch, you could SPAN from the connection where your internet comes in, to a free port; and then run WireShark (freeware) on a PC on that spanned port; noting which network address is seeing most traffic; then look at that PC. If you have access to the router on the local end of that T1 (?), you could also filter out the LimeWire port range, as nobody else should be using that for "standard" applications. That'd cut the Limewire traffic, if indeed that's what it is.
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