why,when,how AD deployment???

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Active Directory
why is AD required...?? when it becoms neccesity for organisation...?? Can it be deployed remotely also(if there's a distributed architecture)?? Does it support heterogenous environment also??(eg.java,linux applications environment)

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As your asking these question first you need to know basic things

Active directory server is used for centralized data and user information service.For example if you have 300 users in your office.so all of them coming in a shift basics at 100 users in a shift.So you wouldn’t need 300 system for all user instead you will purchase only 100 system and a server.so that every shift the 100 users will use that 100 system with a user name and password in AD.Even they can log on from any of these 100 system because thier user name and password is maintained in AD.And even printer and other common devices which your using in your office can be added an object in the AD.Because AD maintaining a database (NTDS.dit) for all things.The database update will occur every changes.Ad services are using LDAP (Light Directory Access Protocol) Protocol services.Also you could use DHCP services in your network with help of AD.And you will use your AD for Automatic update Services.

You only have one primary server in your haul network.So you maintain your branch office with a secondary AD server.AD is support remote administration.but you need a public IP in your AD and Internet connection in your remote office.Otherwise you can use leased line or VPN for connectivity.

Support of other OS (Linux) is there.But you could not log on through it.Only you could create a object for that system.Java Application could be run in AD. For more Information you may refer Microsoft technet Forum.

You have a lot of reading to do my friend. These are not questions which could be adequately answered here. Here is a good <a href=”http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/technologies/directory/activedirectory/default.mspx”>Microsoft guide</a> for you regarding Active Directory in a server 2003 environment.

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    thanx..i truely apreciate ur valuable time........ this reply of urs has definately put some light on the matter.... wat i understand from above is ..dat it is used to maintain,manage and organise identity and various infrastucture component and used to launch various policies to maintaon the compliance. actually coming from sales point of view. Ad comes out of box with win 2k servers onwards and if implementation can be done remotely then y its still nt implemened in many SMB's...??? does its implementation is costly...or takes too much of time..??? adding to it if it dsnt support hetero environment(which is rarely seen)....y is it making such a buzz....?? whole of the MS environ ment revolves around Ad only...means every product...xchange...SCCM...MOSS...OCS has AD as a dependency.....where is it adding value.....???that is what is confusing me??? dominoz.....CA...landesk...... r being used many a places.......So if i Pitch MOSS....then its a stupidity i suppose.....???
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