Why no message in user’s joblog after RNMOBJ cmd entered interactively?

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AS/400 jobs
I have job logs for a user's interactive sessions on different days. Each day the user manually renames file A to include todays date using RNMOBJ and then calls a CLP. One joblog shows CPC2192 completion msg after the RNMOBJ, the other log has no completion msg and no error message either. This rename was not successful. Why has a message not been sent?

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Check the message logging of each interactive joblog and verify they’re the same.
If the user did a RNMOBJ and it failed, they would have received the error on their screen.
What exactly does it display immediately after the failed RNMOBJ in the joblog?


<i>This rename was not successful. Why has a message not been sent?</i>

Assuming the first sentence is true, then the message <i>was</i> sent. The fact that it’s not in the joblog isn’t evidence that it wasn’t sent.

It might not be shown because it’s below the logging level for the job or some process might have removed it, e.g., with RCVMSG, from the program message queue that it was originally sent to (or from the *EXT message queue of the job which is what usually gets referred to as the “job log” before the spooled “job log” is created).

(Note that “Message queue SIMON” is unrelated. SIMON is most likely a user message queue rather than a program message queue. SIMON <i>could</i> be a device message queue or other *MSGQ object, but it doesn’t seem likely. In any case, it definitely isn’t a program message queue and has no relevance to a joblog.)

In order to answer your question fully, we’d first need to know the LOG() level of jobs that show the message and jobs that don’t. If that provided no answer, then we’d need to know what programming was executed after RNMOBJ and before viewing the joblog.


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  • LLoyd024
    Thanks for your prompt reply I am not sure of the significance of message loggimg, but the job log where the RNMOBJ received CPC2192 has at beginning 40 14/01/10 07:34:03.604504 QMHCHMSQ QSYS 0925 *EXT Message . . . . : Message queue SIMON is allocated to another job. whereas the joblog with no CPC2192 does not issue that message. What is the significance of having message queue already allocated? I assume the user had two sessions active on 14/01 but not on 18/01 when RNMOBJ failed without a message being displayed. Immediately after the RNMOBJ command in the joblog is the next command entered interactively, a call pgm command. If an error message had been received on the user's screen, would it not also appear in their job log? Below is from joblog of failed rename (I have changed the library, file and pgm filenames): NONE Request 18/01/10 07:44:10.786968 QPTKYPRC *N QUICMD QSYS 0461 Message . . . . : -RNMOBJ OBJ(AAALIB/FNAME) OBJTYPE(*FILE) NEWOBJ(STAT100116) *NONE Request 18/01/10 07:45:16.337488 QUICMD QSYS 0461 QUICMD QSYS 0461 Message . . . . : -call aaa020cc A difference I can see in the joblogs is that the RNMOBJ that received CPC2192 has immediately before the RNMOBJ *NONE Request 14/01/10 07:46:45.172824 QPTCHECK *N QUICMD QSYS 0461 Message . . . . : -RNMOBJ OBJ(AAALIB/FNAME) OBJTYPE(*FILE) NEWOBJ(STAT100113) ie, request QPTCHECK instead of QPTKYPRC
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  • LLoyd024
    Thanks for your reply. Am I right thinking that the LOG() level of jobs can be viewed by selecting the Display job definition attributes for a job? If so, both interactive jobs had the same LOG() levels, Message logging: Level . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : 4 Severity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : 0 Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : *SECLVL
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  • TomLiotta
    ...QPTCHECK instead of QPTKYPRC... It just soaked in what you were pointing out. The font and format made the print line unfamiliar. I think you're right that that is the difference -- the two programs are apparently used at least within PDM to handle commands being executed through its command lines. I didn't find a useful pattern when running various options in PDM to determine what causes QPTKYPRC to show up instead of QPTCHECK. I didn't look into what other IBM list functions also used those programs to process commands. I won't be surprised if they're also used by WRKUSRJOB, WRKSPLF and maybe many other list panels that present command lines and apply command options against list elements. It seems reasonable that the programs promote messages in slightly different ways. If it's important, maybe a precise answer can be dug out. But the answer might simply be in the sequence of keystrokes. Tom
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