Why IPv6 is not being used more often

IPV4 address exhaustion
Wide Area Networks
If IPv4 addresses are running out in the next year, why aren't more people using IPv6 more often?

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There’s not a lot of hardware out there that supports it very well, and the hardware that does requires companies to switch out.

Now, this would be great, you’d think.  But, a lot of people (CTOs, CEOs, etc…) have the belief of “its not broke, don’t fix it”.  Why should they support IPv6 when v4 still works and v5 hasn’t been released yet?!  Yes, this is something that comes up.

Granted, there’s some places that offer IPv6 tunneling, but its almost pointless to do because there’s very little out there that actually supports v6 atm.
Good question 😉 and I guess there are many different answers, depending on who you are talking about. In many cases people don’t really analyze the situation or buy in for the belief that there is no need to look at IPv6 for different reasons, such as having enough IPv4 addresses, thinking that IPv6 will not come in the near future, having too many other IT projects on their plate or other reasons. What they don’t realize is that the Internet is a global creation and that everyone that profits from it should also contribute his part to it. And these days that would include to introduce IPv6, because IPv6 is about the continuation of the Internet.

But you’ll also find many other reasons why people don’t use it more often. Let me know 😉



One of the big reasons is money. Globally deploying IPv6 will require a huge amount of money upgrading the core networking equipment so that it supports IPv6. No one wants to pay for these upgrades so until there is an actual reason to do it, the companies that own this equipment won’t make it happen.

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  • Technochic
    I suspect lack of knowledge, lack of supporting hardware, and fear of change :-)
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  • Matt Mather
    Personally I would say fear and a lack of understanding. My opinion is we will change when we absolutely have to and there is no choice. Service providers are as guilty of this as small companies.
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  • Sixball
    Another great reason to not take the IPv6 plunge is that they dont need to yet.. If you ALREADY have a stable, Public IPv4 IP address that you're NAT'ing through-out your location, why bother? All your internal equipment is probably running a private IP scheme now anyways, so why reinvent the wheel when this ones working for ya?
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  • 1fatITgie
    Because the number scheme is dumb. this 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329
    is also this
    and it is also this
    and this
    see very dumb numbering system
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